Nothing will motivate a man to move forward faster than knowing what's behind Him.

Tvbuddy is a lie


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Black on Black crime

This so called Black on Black crime is often referred to Blacks killing Blacks. Crime is crime. The killing of Blacks in this case stems from those whose slave mentality is still intact. The inner slave’s need to rise above his position is to emulate his master. In any situation and by any means, he like his master will rob, cheat, rape, molest, steal and kill. For the enslaved Black man to truly emulate his master, he must lose his soul as his master do not have one.

Black Woman Developer Felt Unwelcome In Neighborhood So She Built Her Own Community

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Peavey SB-3 Speakers

The Maryland Doctrine of Exclusion was collectively written by the Maryland Colony Council in 1638, and states the following, “ Neither the existing Black population, their descendants, nor any other Blacks shall be permitted to enjoy the fruits of White society.” The doctrine was written to insure that Blacks would remain a “subordinate, non-competitive, non-compensated workforce.

Papal Bulls of the 15th century gave Christian explorers the right to claim lands they “discovered” and lay claim to those lands for their Christian Monarchs. Any land that was not inhabited by Christians was available to be “discovered”, claimed, and exploited. If the “pagan” inhabitants could be converted, they might be spared. If not, they could be enslaved or killed. The Discovery Doctrine is a concept of public international law expounded by the United States Supreme Court in a series of decisions, initially in Johnson v. M’Intosh in 1823.



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