Nothing will motivate a man to move forward faster than knowing what's behind Him.

A message from Johnny

A message from Johnny

School Shooting

When one innocent person is killed, the many has no significance.  Until the killing stop, the shooting will continue.


I ordered this trike through Amazon.  The Seller’s Name is BargianDayz.  They had it listed for 339.88.  It only took 2-3 days to get here by FedEx.   I was so excited that I immediately began to unbox and assemble it.   It was later that day when I bothered to read the invoice.   It was From Wal-Mart for a Subtotal of 288.00, no tax and no shipping for a shipment total of $288.00.    I went to the Wal-Mart site and sure enough, there it was, Schwinn 26″ Meridian $288.00.   Either this type of doing business is in good standing with Amazon or Amazon don’t care.  If you want one of these, don’t do like did.  Go to or, they both have this Trike for $288.00.


In this episode, I installed the light switch, the hour meter and volt meter.  I still have other lights to install.   The light switch is a 2 position on switch.  I will accommodate the head lights and park lights.   More to come stay tuned.   Be sure to sign up to get emailed every time I upload.   Thanks for watching.

A message from Johnny

John Crawford III.jpg

In 2014 John Crawford III  a 22 year old African American man shot to death by Beaver creek police officer Sean Williams, in a Walmart store in Beaver creek, Ohio, near Dayton, Oh. while holding a toy BB gun.

This is what It looks like.

Washington Post Via MSN

AAwZHi1.img?h=315&w=250&m=6&q=60&o=t&l=f&f=jpg&x=489&y=129 She saved thousands to open a medical clinic in Nigeria. U.S. Customs took all of it at the airport.
She spent years saving to open a medical clinic in Nigeria. Though she’s charged with no offense, the government has not given back her money.

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