Nothing will motivate a man to move forward faster than knowing what's behind Him.

Designs on my windshield

Love it!

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Cinnamon rolls

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Who Cares

By Charlene Crowell The Center for Responsible Lending Each February, Black History Month commemorates the unique American experience of Blacks in America. This year marks the 400th anniversary of the Jamestown, Virginia arrival of captured and shackled Africans. In the ensuing years, as slavery grew, so did the wealth of those who claimed our forefathers as […]

Source: Consumer Protection Set To Take Effect In August May Be Denied – The Seattle Medium

I was standing in my window watching the snow. When suddenly a lady comes by and takes out my mailbox. Her car went sideways and got stuck. I stood there in amazement for a moment as I watched her try to get unstuck. Well traffic began to back up and I decided to jump into action. I got my gloves and hat, went out the back door and grabbed a shovel. As I approached the stuck vehicle I said (You took out my mail box”. I was just looking for an apology. But to my surprise someone yelled out “It was already knocked over”. Amazing!! I proceeded to get her unstuck. Notice if you will, after I got her unstuck, no one, and I mean one offered to help put my mailbox back up. I came back in, rested up and warmed up. Later I went back out and put the mailbox back up.

Snow update

34 degrees at about 1:30pm

Still got some room left

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