Nothing will motivate a man to move forward faster than knowing what's behind Him.

vicious dogs kills cat

In Other Words

If you are just standing there, and I have to go around you, I will gladly because I am going somewhere.  You on the other hand, are just standing.

Let that sink in, then read it again.

What genius told you that was a good idea?


We Were There With Ringside Seats

High Fliers Showing their Stuff.


Lakewood Police use Drones at 2019 Summerfest for added Security.

2006 E-450 1-1/2 ton 12ft + 2ft over cab box truck from U-Haul.


Email from Johnny B. Moore

Trimming The Backyard

When moles and gophers play havoc on your yard, you don’t want to destroy you lawn mower.   Use your string trimmer and get more exercise.


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