Nothing will motivate a man to move forward faster than knowing what's behind Him.


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Easy Living

When you eat to live, you will live long. When you live to eat, you won’t.

Washington State has just abolished the Death penalty citing racial injustice. Ironically, there are 5 whites and only 3 Blacks on death row. Sometimes you have to dig deep to find their true motives.  It reminds me of when we wanted New books instead of old used books from white schools.   Instead of providing new books and funding Black schools as white schools were funded, they abolished the Black schools.  They called it school integration, which intern created tensions between the races.     In both cases, we wanted Equal, but the Liberals would rather abolish than to equalize.   You have to wonder if  it’s an attempt to avoid normalizing the execution of  more white people than Black people.    Or, is it the process of preserving white lives at ALL cost.  As you absorb the information, you would think that only Blacks and whites commit capital crimes.    This, in my opinion, indicates America’s inability to dispense justice across Black/white color lines.   You would rather abolish it than to make it equal.    You don’t see the injustice until justice creeps up on you.  Now,  wouldn’t we all be better of if justice was implemented and dispensed for everyone equally?    I know that this is not in your creed, but nevertheless, This, I Dare America.

Now, the other motive.   Cheap labor. Why spend the money on years of court cases,  appeals, postponements and executions when you can ship them off to the prison labor industrial complex.    These eight individuals will now be moved from death row to the labor force.   They will no longer be an expense but will now be an asset.    Follow the money.

By Hope Yen and Calvin Woodward Associated Press WASHINGTON (AP) – Facing pivotal November elections, President Donald Trump is misrepresenting the history of African-American voting and exaggerating his influence in boosting income and controlling prescription drug prices.  He laments in campaign speeches on behalf of Republican candidates that Blacks’ support for Democrats had become “habit,” […]

Source: Trump Produces His Own “Fake News” With Claims About African Americans, Drug Prices And Immigration – The Seattle Medium


I had another visitor

Had a visitor today.

Friend “He treats you like an animal”
Battered woman “But I love him”
Friend “He don’t trust you”
Battered woman “But I love him”

Friend “He questions your every move”
Battered woman “But I love him”

Friend “He mistreats you”
Battered woman “But I love him”
Friend “He wants to know everywhere you go”
Battered woman “But I love him”

Friend “He wants to decide what clothes you wear”
Battered woman “But I love him”

Friend “He wants to control how you speak”
Battered woman “But I love him”

Friend “He wants to control how you act”
Battered woman “But I love him”

Friend “He tell you where you can go”
Battered woman “But I love him”

Friend “He tell you where you can’t go”
Battered woman “But I love him”

Friend “He makes you feel guilty for being happy”
Battered woman “But I love him”

Friend “How can you love someone like that”?
Battered Woman “How can you love America”?

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