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The DJ Setup

I had to go to an alternative set up.   The combination mixer/amp is not going to work out.  If the amp goes out then the mixer is useless and if the and if the mixer goes out then the amp is useless.   In this setup I’m using a mixer  and a separate Amp.  If one or the other goes out, I’ll just replace it and keep on jammin’.   I’ve had two of those combination mixer/amps to go out on me.  I had three and still have one left in which I will use with caution.

Gave the system a little workout.

Picked up these Peavey SB-3 speakers.   A great addition to my outdoor setup.

20191202 185016

My Skull candy headphones.

20191202 184943

10 channel Mixer/amp great for light jobs and live audio setups.

20191202 184955

The Old school type setup with turn tables and cd magazine player with single cd magazine.

20191203 074118

Speaker stands comes in handy for some setups

20191202 185004

CD Magazine Player with multi-cd magazine.  Hold 6 CDs

20191130 122943

Old School setup with turn tables.

Testing out the system to get some of the bugs out.   Its easy to write it down on paper and envision it.  But until you actually set it up and go through the paces, you’ll find the real issues.

20191016 102437

The Pioneer DDJ-SB3 Controller

Just got in the DJ setup Facade

A few more bugs to work out with the DMX lighting setup

Just something I tried with the LED disco ball.

20191017 203851


Great dimensional sound.   Highs, mid range, lows and subs.   With Moore Boom in the Room.


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