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The Merax Adult Tricycle

This is a cheaply built bike with proprietary parts.  It has no name on it.  The are no decorative designs on it.  Non standard parts that you can’t find.   There are no replacement wheels according to Stephanie and Mary at even though they are in contact with the manufacturer.

When buying online be sure you are buying from a reputable company with reputable products and they stand behind what they sell. wants you to go to your local bike shop to replace defective parts.

You would be better off going to Goodwill, St. Vincent DePaul or even or craigslist to pick up a bike then going to your local bike shop to get replacement parts.   At least that way you would have a chance of picking up a name brand/standard brand that parts are easily found.

This is what started it all.

I have plans  to customize three more adult trikes.  Stay tuned for updates.


Letter To



Thanks for clearing that up. Now allow me to make something clear to you. This is a sham by the seller. They never intended to send me my refund. They knew very well that the U.S. Postal service would not accept the package because of their weight limitations. No doubt, that is why the adult tricycle was shipped by FedEx. How could you in good conscience agree with this business model? If Western United really wanted to satisfy this claim, they would send me a label from the original shipping company. The Merax Adult Tricycle is packed up and labeled with the USPS return label. I took it to the post office and was told that they do not handle packages that size. I am in no position to question the policies of the U.S. postal service.

AND, no, I will not be keeping the trike. According to there are no replacement wheels available for this adult trike. I have also found that there are no third party wheels compatible with this trike. So, why would I want to keep/use this disposable trike. There are too many reputable trike companies sold by reputable retailers where exchanges does not constitute back and forth emails.

Since it looks like I will not be receiving my refund from Western United, I will no longer be ordering from or through Up until this point I can say that it WAS nice doing business with you.

Good day and goodbye
Johnny Moore.

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