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A Message To Stupid People

A Message To Stupid People


Hello stupid people. You know who you are. I don’t have to call any names. I’ve got some facts for you. while you are traveling down the freeway at 60mph you are actually going 5280 feet per minute.

Now that calculates to 88 feet per second. So when you look down at your phone while you are texting just for a second you will have traveled 88 feet. two seconds totals out to 176 feet. now, make no mistake, that’s not including the time you have to react  to what you may or may not see when you look up from your phone.

Oh, don’t think its any safer because you are driving 35 in the city/town. bicycles, pedestrians, children, dogs and a host of other things you have to look out for in city limits. Just so you know, 35 mph is not a safer speed to text. You are still driving a 2000 pound vehicle that you will have to look up and decide where to steer or if you should brake while traveling over 44 ft per second.

Look at your clock. That little skinny hand that just keep moving making that tick tick sound. Every time you hear a tick, you are traveling over 44 ft at 35 mph. So, lay the phone down, yours or someone else’s life may depend on it. Don’t text so you can arrive alive. You have now been exonerated from stupidity.

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