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Passwords Simplified

Never worry about forgetting your password again.  Don’t allow hackers to guess your password by using birthdays, cat names, dog names, mother’s maiden names, schools
you attended, nicknames, favorite sports teams and so-forth-and-so-on. I’m sure you get the picture.

Some organizations require their employees to change their passwords every 90 days.   Some experts say you shouldn’t have the same passwords for more than 6 months.   I read somewhere that you shouldn’t have the same password on multiple accounts or even multiple devices for that matter.

I’ve just created a password generating program.  It can generate as many passwords as you want and as many characters as you want(how long they are.)

It uses a combination of uppercase letters, lowercase letters, numbers and special characters.

After you use one of the passwords, write out its use beside it.  It is suggested that you keep on a thumb drive and keep in a safe place . Do not store them on your computer.

Here is a sample…. of 10 passwords 10 characters long. Uses at the end are only suggestions for this illustration and will not be generated for your passwords. You chose which passwords and what they are used for. You can make that notation.

It is suggested that you not use spaces in your password. Spaces between characters are for clarity.

S L 3 Z K 6 R h H G Email

/ t H q _ D % B ) / Amazon

a I E 4 W S # G s # Walmart

v . 0 N u w = 8 0 j Server

( I n < ) s M a b Z Tablet

g J 8 K ^ 6 5 U Z e Security Camera

R % 9 ? r P T y O V Network

r * L f M 1 h ? . c WiFi

A b F L ! M d T w r WebSite

8 g 0 & ! < Q m 1 @ Laptop

You do not have to use all of them, just pick the one(s) you want.

When it is time to reset your password, just pick an unused password. When you use them all,  just let me know and I’ll send you more.

As an introductory offer, they are $5.00 for 10 passwords 10 characters long.  While most passwords require at least 8 characters, 10 characters will give a “strong” password.   A 15 character password will be even stronger.   You could omit certain (up to 5  in a 15 character password) characters and still have a strong password.   This price will not last long so get your order in soon.

Special orders with specified lengths(up to 20 characters long) are available.

You can also specify if you do not want special characters as some password  limits certain special characters.

Let me know if you want yours and I’ll get them to you through
secure means.

I don’t keep a copy of your passwords, so keep them safe and handy.

Share this with your friends, so they can get their passwords.

AGAIN, It is not suggested that you use these sample passwords.

If you would like me to send you some passwords, fill out the form below and mail it with a  (introductory price) $5.00 money order.


Name _____________________________________________

Street ___________________________________________

City _____________________________________________

State _____ Zip _________

Number of passwords 10

Number of characters 10

Special characters (Y/N) ______

Make Money order out to…and mail to.

Johnny B. Moore
P.O. Box 98083
Lakewood, WA 98496


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