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Gun Rights and the Constitution

The Second Amendment (Amendment II) to The United States protects the right of individuals to keep and bear arms.   There are no conditions laid out or any limitations in this amendment.   There are no stipulations about mental capacity or criminal history.    So, either change the constitution or stop violating the constitutional rights of American Citizens.  The Judicial system can render opinions however, it takes both houses of congress and the president to sign,  to change the constitution and individual individual states has to ratify it before it becomes part of the constitution.  Do not let anyone, any group or any political party violate your 2nd amendment or any of your  constitutional rights, it will only lead to a corrupt society in which it’s citizens will fall victim to an elite few.  The politicians will pull at your heart strings knowing full well that this is how it is done.  Don’t be fooled by judicial opinion.   The Supreme court can not change the constitution.   

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