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Homeless Camps: Unchecked resource For Drug Dealers

Ever wonder why there are so many needles and other drug paraphernalia found at homeless camps?  Well listen up, here is the low-down on the what’s-up.   Drug dealers do not live in homeless camps.  They leave home just like any other business person, taking their car to a park-n-ride.  There they catch the transit bus to the neighborhood of the homeless camp.    From the bus stop, sometimes  seemingly to appear to be a homeless person him/herself, walks  to the camp.  There,  he distributes his product to his customers.   Before consumption, the customers are reminded that they  must have money for the next visit,  hinting that they must get the money by any means they see fit.  This sets in motion for these derelicts to go out into the neighborhood to rob, steal, car prowl, break and enter, and exert their morality or the lack there of.

Meanwhile, this blazin’ criminal, catches the bus back to the park-n-ride, changes out of the (homeless looking) clothes, gets into his Lexus, drives back to his/her condo and then counts the money for today.    After which, gets on social media and trash talks about drug addicts, homeless people and the city’s seemingly unconsciousness of the reality.

At the same time,  The Union Charlie (U.C) and his cohorts allow this to go on for months and even up to a year before any action is taken.  Useless in that they don’t prevent crime and only act (if at all) after the stats are recorded and ins rates go up.

All the while, the law abiding citizens, tax payers and residents of the neighborhood has to bear the brunt of crime and aerial insurance rate hikes due to the crime statistics.

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