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Picked up this adult trike the other day


This is a Columbia 24 Inch, 3 speed, rear wheel coaster brake, front wheel hand brake, hi rise handle bars and chrome front fender.

Found this Adult Trike on craigslist the other day.   It was way out in the plum-nellies.   I’m talking intermittent GPS and my straight-talk had straight no-talk.

It is a 24in 3 speed adult trike.   It was built back when there was pride put in the quality of products being sold in America.   This trike actually has a differential in the rear-end.   Both rear wheels pull.   This trike was built to be  trike.  It was not an after thought where you add a rear-end to adapt a regular bike to make it a trike.  As you can see from the back, the frame is designed to accommodate dual rear wheels.   Along with the differential, you can even pivot on either rear wheel.  Try this on today’s trikes and you may find yourself going nowhere.

I will be adding a springer seat, headlight, dual mirrors, horn, comfy handle grips and blinking tail light.

I’ll be changing out the skinny front tire for a 24×1.75  and I have ordered the RH axel nut to accommodate the shifter chain.

I’m going to keep this one original, not going to E-Trike convert this one.


Replaced the front tire, put  on a few mirrors and installed and adjusted the right axel nut that accommodate the shifter chain.   This is a nice sturdy machine, rides really well.   Gonna need to change out the seat.  While it is plenty big enough, it has no springs.


My Schwinn Handle Bar Setup

trike control panel

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