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Gardening (Growing your own food)

My Hoop Garden

A quick video and a few tips on getting your seedlings started.  These are some peppers.  Don’t wait too late, get your heels a clicking.


This is what happens to Marigolds when you have a little patients.

20180522 100652

20180522 100652

This is what happens when you put  fertile dirt in a container and plant some seeds in it and wait several days.

These are Marigolds


After a few weeks the Sunflowers are coming right a long.

20180522 100732

20180522 100732

These are Sunflowers



The Strawberries has taken off…


The Strawberries has taken root

You can grow Strawberries right on your patio. These were starts that I dug up from my raised bed and transplanted them into another area of the yard. This year however, I will be growing them from pots on my patio. Strawberries are annuals and will come back every year if cared for properly. As you can see on the bigger pots I have tomato supports. Hopefully they will run up the supports. It will be interesting to see how the strawberries utilize the stiles and banisters since they are runners. I will be transplanting some to the smaller pots to another part of the yard. I found that you would have healthier plants and a more bountiful yield if you rotate your crops every year. It’s a little work but well worth it. Updates to come….


From start to finish, it takes patients and a little know how.  It can be done  and the rewards are plenty.

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