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Acer Iconia A500

I thought after the A100 that Acer would have produced a more perfect machine.  Well there are a few quirks that should have been addressed.  for instance, the memory chip and it’s housing.  The door is flimsy and it would have been more convenient to have a SDHC instead of of the micro SD.

Question Acer…..On your fancy keyboard that pops up when you touch on a text input box, where are the cursor keys?  You know the ones with the arrows up, down, left and right.   I don’t think I have ever seen a keyboard in modern techno history without cursor keys, even the XT’s had them, remember those.

It comes with a HDMI proprietary connection, but no cord.  Guess I’m expected to buy one from  Acer.   There was a demo set up in Wal-Mart but they didn’t carry the cords.

DO NOT depend on the navigation.  It seems at though Acer was trying to play catch up and stuffed a lot of applications  and didn’t pay attention to the details.  When you finally get the navigation to work, don’t touch the screen, it will go back to the desktop and you will have to do it all over again.  Oh yeah, in case you are moving, your co-pilot will not be able to get it to work.  You will have to pull over.  It does a good job keeping up with where you are…as far as telling you how to get where you are going…not so much.  It’s more like a tracking app to work with those android apps from tv stations and news paper websites that is so conveniently offered FREE!!  I have just spent $400.00 for a gadget so that other people can keep track of my every move.   Apparently this thing can not recalibrate while you are moving.   It loses satelite connection every time you enter a new destination.    Bottom line is, the navigation system is worthless, unless you have time on your hands and you want to set out in an open area and play around with it.   It is not going to replace my portable GPS.

Oh yeah, there is the good, but I wouldn’t pay $400.00 for the good it offers.    The music and video player are great, I wish I could have gotten my 500 gig HD to work on it.   I have to go through my laptop to transfer the audio and movie files.   A USB mouse and keyboard works great with it, especially a keyboard with CURSOR keys.  Acer should have one up-ed the competition by providing a carrying case.   The directory app leaves a lot to be desired, drag and drop,  create, rename, go figure.   To do all my drive maintenance, I have to hook it up to my WINDOWs laptop.

It’s great for text messaging, although high traffic on this venue will send up a red flag and you may find yourself having to verify your E-Mail account.   Email I pretty good.  You can manage several accounts and although you may have and individual on one account their e-mail address will pop up on any other of you accounts when you start typing their name.


The 10.1 screen does well for watching movies, would have been nice to be able to hook it up to my external hard drive to watch movies, instead I’d have to use my laptop to transfer the movie, but then I end up watching it on my laptop with bigger screen and better sound.
I’m not so inclined to by the extra gadgets that’s available for The Iconia A500 such as the docking station/keyboard/remote.   Looking at the base unit and all it’s short coming, I don’t see how the extras would fair any better.

To be continued…..

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