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Who Are Those People?

Who are those seemingly healthy people that can not control their bladder?  Who are those people that can not control their bowels?  When you look at the larger scheme of things, one has to wonder if their bodies are not shutting down or going through some sort of devolution.   All you have to do is look at the commercials on TV. Adult diapers and all sorts of medications are on the market.   Who are those people?   Who are those people that can’t control their weight?  Surely those people are not eating genetically modified food.

  Why do so many of those people  need  dialysis every week.  And one of the biggest and most concerning questions….Why are there so many of  those  men that can’t get it up?    Never in my life have I ever imagined such a crisis…so much so that it has been given a new name “Erectile dysfunction”.   Get real. it’s called being impotent, as in, you are not potent.  You no longer have the ability to have sex without the use of drugs.   

What is being prepared for, when there is test tube reproduction?   Why is it so important to find other ways of reproduction?  Who benefits from in vitro-fertilization?.  Why has the industry for fertility drugs grown so rapidly and is so lucrative.  Who are those people that  need these drugs and procedures?  By not being able to reproduce  does this mean that those people will soon become extinct?

  Another industry that has me really baffled is the tanning industry.   Being black in America has negative connotations, yet there is a multi-billion dollar industry to make you dark.   At first it seemed that just the suntan lotion was just to protect pale skinned people from the sun.  But I later found out that it is formulated to give you a gradual tan so as not to burn.   Then the pink elephant in the room turned brown.   Who were these tanning booths developed for?  Who are those people and why do they need a tan.  

Getting back to all these drugs on the market..why would you take a drug for an allergy that causes you to have a host of other problems cause by the side effects of the drug.  Surely those people realize that synthetic drugs are created in a lab.   I could go on and on but you get the gist.  

Who are those people that don’t know that radiation causes cancer and goes through air port body scanners?   Who are those people tested for cancer with a CT scan,  which causes cancer?   I refuse to get a tooth pulled if it include taking an X-ray.     

Speaking of cancer,  in the scientific world, a result would have to be positively replicated in order for it to be scientific fact.   Therefore since there are thousands of men and women walking around today 80 and 90 years old  and has been smoking since they were pre-teens, you can’t say that smoking causes cancer.    Saying that it may cause cancer makes me wonder who was the genius that came up with  that conclusion.  Surely not a scientist.    It is a known fact that radiation causes cancer, yet, every day, those people voluntarily expose themselves to radiation at airports, doctor’s office, dentist’s office, check points (coming soon) and a host of other places.

To be continued.

Snow in The Northwest (Tacoma/Lakewood)

Snow, rain, sleet, and Lights out, I thought that this would be a great opportunity to implement my 3-5-day emergency plan. 

Judging from the calls made to the local radio stations, I don’t think that most are ready for the big one. Most were complaining about slow utility companies.   I wish Governor Gregoire would have proclaimed a Snow Day Timeout and announced that it was time to stay home and implement your  Emergency Survival Plan.   You know, the one we have been planning for since before Y2K, everybody remember that one.   What’s Your E.S.P.? 

We have been told that there is a possibility that we may have to be self sustaining for up to a week.   We need water, non perishable food, toilet tissue, warm clothing and shelter.  These are just the basics.   

As soon as the local weather men mentioned snow, there was a rush on the local grocery stores.  Those people had no E.S.P., what they had was a grocery list.  

If this was a case of an earth quake, or Mt Rainer eruption, some of us wouldn’t make it.   You would not get a warning from local radio and TV stations.  You would not have a chance to buy the basics from your local store.  The roads could be impassible, the stores may not be open due to destruction.  

Calling 911, if it still works, will be over run and we all will be on our own for days or maybe even weeks. 

An observation I made during the ice storm was that…..due so many homes using generators, wood stoves and cars idling to keep warm, there was so much smog that is would have  a severe adverse effect on anyone with a respiratory problem. 

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