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Sunday Morning Cat Fights

These regularly staged Sunday morning events are designed for nothing more than sponsor based entertainment.  No need in naming these shows, you know their names.  They solve nothing, accomplish nothing and more often than not, veers off topic.   

Yes, It’s like watching a cat fight.  You watch with anticipation, taking in every detail. Waiting for a point when one side win or lose.  When its over, you can spew out all the details, talking points, one liners, hits and misses.  All the while, not realizing that there was no resolve, settlement or even a consensus. 

I find it peculiar that we only have two sides “democrats and republican”.  These two can not come to a decision.  It is as though they stage every move so as to keep us talking about the gaffs, talking points, hits and misses and not the issues.  

How can two sides be so diametrically opposed and be about making the country better?   How can  one side be so opposed to everything the other side is proposing.  It has to be a staged cat fight.  Now, if you saw two people fighting (for this example, let’s say women), over a garment in a clothing store.  You would automatically assume that it was spontaneous.   However,  Monday morning you read in the newspaper that the store had been robbed, you would then realize that the cat fight was staged, to distract you from what was really going on.   

Any one living in a home and making ends meet, make decision every day, week and month that enables them to stay in that home.   You would think that they would be more qualified to run the country than the politicians.  Instead of debating each other, a legitimate politician, a politician who is working for the people will talk to the people and get advice from the people.   The Politicians need to “ask somebody.”  

Each cat fight has a democrat and a republican.  There is no Libertarian or Independent.   If the fight is staged and always between the same two parties, the issues need not be resolved and they will never be resolved.  There should be the  three (3) element rule, not the two element rule.   There is the right, left and an illusional, middle.   The middle in politics is not a party, only an idealistic position often taken when some weak politicians, either don’t understand the issue or want to get re-elected.  

There need to be a recall election for any politician that Lie, misrepresent or do not uphold the oath of their office.  They need to be held accountable.  They need to be held to a higher standard.  

The two party system fuels the staged cat fights that we patiently watch every Sunday morning.

Occupying Wall Street?

Sometimes I think these modern day activist are nothing more than a preemption by big businesses to head off any real protest.   I find it curious that there is no real purpose.   And, even more curious is that people from several cities from around the country have “spontaneously” poured out to parks and city halls to demonstrate and “Occupy Wall Street” each with no defining purpose.  

If the “Occupiers” were really serious about their cause, they would hit them in their pockets by not do business with any company that’s on wall street. If they are upset with the bank bailouts, they should not do business with any bank that was bailed out. If they don’t like the auto bail out, they should do any auto business that was bailed out. Any business that was bailed out, don’t do business with them.  

If you really wanted to take out wall street, you would do it like filling a bucket with water, on drop at a time.  

The bail outs were implemented because in part, certain businesses were to big to fail.  So, get to the root of the problem, don’t do business with large conglomerates and their subsidiaries.   Don’t allow them to get “to big to fail”.  When two companies merge or one company buy out another, make it a point not to do business with that company. 

Case in point….when ma-bell broke up into little baby bells there was healthy competition and competitive prices, not to mention the innovation that has came about since the brake up.

If you don’t agree with businesses that get corporate tax breaks, don’t do business with those companies.

If the argument is that tax breaks create jobs, you should ask yourself “Where are the jobs?” that these tax breaks created and why is the unemployment rate hovering around 9%?

It would seem that silent boycotts would be the antidote of choice for “to big to fail” companies.   In the age of emails, cell phones and texts it would be easier to mount a campaign to bring any company to it’s knees or even destroying it without  “occupying wall street”.

I have to wonder if “Wall Street” is not behind this “occupy wall street” campaign.  If you lead a campaign, you can determine where it goes, or even if it goes anywhere at all. 

Events In African American History For October 06


1. In 1847, National Black convention met in Troy, N.Y., with more than sixty delegates from nine states. Nathan Johnson of Massachusetts was elected president.

2. In 1868, Black state convention at Macon, Georgia, protested expulsion of Black politicians from Georgia legislature.

3. In 1871, The Fisk Jubilee Singers an acappella ensemble, consisting of students at Fisk University was organized to tour and raise funds for their college. Their early repertoire consisted mostly of traditional spirituals, but included some Stephen Foster songs. The original group toured along the Underground Railroad path in the United States, as well as performing in England and Europe. Later nineteenth-century groups also toured in Europe.

In 2002 the Library of Congress honored their 1909 recording of “Swing Low, Sweet Chariot” by adding it in the United States National Recording Registry.   In 2008 they were awarded a National Medal of Arts.

4. In 1896, H. A. Jackson received Patent for Kitchen Table (variations).

5. In 1896, K. Morehead Received Patent for Reel carrier.

6. In 1896, W. D. Davis received Patent for Riding Saddles.

7. In 1923, Jack Trice, the first African-American athlete at Iowa State was assaulted by players from the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis, Minnesota in an apparently racially motivated attack. The second play of the game, Trice’s collarbone was broken. Trice insisted he was all right and returned to the game. In the third quarter, while attempting to tackle a University of Minnesota ball carrier by throwing a roll block, Trice was trampled by three Minnesota players. Although he claimed to be fine, Trice was removed from the game and sent to a Minneapolis hospital. The doctors declared him fit to travel and he returned by train to Ames with his teammates. On October 8, 1923, Trice died from hemorrhaged lungs and internal bleeding as a result of the injuries sustained during the game.

Jack Trice

8. In 1983, Wilma Rudolph inducted into the Olympic Hall of Fame.

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