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Another Project Finished

Hadn’t finished one project before I started another. The chicken coop is on hold for a couple days while I finish this rabbit hutch. All I need to do is the roof and the door. Don’t know if I want a horizontal or vertical door for the hutch.

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This is the finished product.  Well built with 2X4’s and the floor is 30 in high which is easy on the back.   It is high enough so no need for  a flip up lid.

When bunnie has to go

This is li’l mini, she is a full breed Mini Rex female. I moved her into her new home with upstairs (ramp) and separate room for her to have her little bunnies. All went well until she started going up stairs to potty. I noticed that she preferred one particular corner. Problem is, she mucks up her food and hey not to mention the access door I use to feed her.

SO! I took an old funnel cut off the tip, took a piece of PVC 1in pipe and hot glued them together, wired it to the bottom of the upstairs and ran the pipe through the floor of the downstairs. It works like a charm as you can see. All I need now is a five gallon bucket with a lid. I’d unscrew one of the caps and run the PVC into it. Clean up, there would be no clean up, just switch out buckets.

I can see where this should work with single story hutches. Just put it where they like to poop.

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