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Can You Believe it?

A friend of mine and I went in together to work a few acres of land of her property.   I live in the city limits and a sizable garden is out of the question, especially with all the arsenic and lead in the soil.   So we had an agreement. A hand shake.  Being from the old, old school, a hand shake has more value than anything that can be written on paper.  Anyway,  after doing the spring preparations and then planting seed, and setting out some tomato and various other plants, everything was literally taking root.   Everything worked out well,  we had more than we wanted and was able to can, so we took some to the farmer’s market and various other places.  We wanted to get rid of it because we didn’t want our work go to waste.   Everything ended up with some what of  an unexpected big chunk of change.   We both looked at each other and said, “we got to do this again next year”.

Well, that fall, after everything was harvested and the plants had died out.  we were talking about other endeavors.   I mentioned chickens,  she didn’t want to have any part of it.  I suggested that I would to  everything and in fact I would pay her $100.00 a month.   She asked what I would need from her and I said only about a 20X20ft area.   She said that I could use a larger plot if  I needed for that price.  Again, a hand shake was all it took.

A few weeks later I began to build the chicken coop and run.  After about a week, all was built and everything was in place.   All the while I was looking for some hens and roosters.    I Picked them up and brought them to the coop.   After a few days, I asked her how was the rooster?  Was it more than she could handle in the morning.  She implied that there was not problem.   I would trek out there 3-4 times a week to check on the hens and collect the eggs.     This went well untill about April of the next year.   One morning she invited me in for coffee and wanted to have a talk.   I’m thinking she maybe wanting to start her own flock.  Being that I told her everything about the operation and she saw how well it was going.   To my surprise, she wanted to start her own but, no longer wanted my flock around.   She had been talking to a friend and was told that she could make $1,000.00s a month doing the same thing her self.   I asked her if she was sure she wanted to go it alone and that I could give her $200.00 a month and even went to $300.000.   She said, with the help of her (yet unnamed) friend she could handle it.    SIDE NOTE: [why would you listen to someone who hasn’t raised chickens over someone who is now successfully doing it].   I stood up, shook her hand and immediately went out and collected my rooster and hens, waterers and feeders and made a call to another friend.  After the call, I asked if it would be alright if I could pick up the coop and run the next day.  She said that was fine and implied that she didn’t realize I would be out so soon.    I came out the next day and loaded up the coop.   It fit perfectly on my 5X8 flatbed trailer.  The Run was assembled with hinges, so taking it apart was easy, just know out the hinge pins and load them up.   Before I left, I told her that there were no hard feeling and if there were anything I could do or any advice I could give just give me a call.  She replied that it was all covered.

After about a month, I called to see how she was doing and things wasn’t going as planned, she had already shelled out $2,500.00 and hadn’t even bought any chickens.   Her friend suggest that she have a professional come out do a survey and build a chicken coop and run with automatic feeders and waterers.  Yes all automatic not to mention the heating and ac unit later to be installed and paid for.   She said that once everything is in place it will be easy.  I said, ok if there is anything you need just let me know.

With no inquiries for 3 months by her, I decided to call to check on her progress.  Apparently this program didn’t even get started.   She told me that she has lost her first flock hens to predators.   I asked her if her friend didn’t tell her about raccoons, hawks,  dogs and other predators.  She said no.  I then asked her, how did the predators get into the coop.   She told me that the hens was free range and came and went as they pleased.  I asked her if she didn’t lock them up at night.   She implied that her friend had informed her that locking them up wasn’t necessary they would stay in the coop until daylight comes.   I asked her what was her operations’ status, she said that there was no status, no operation.

She suggested that I restart my operation.  I informed her that my operation hadn’t stopped.  I just moved my operation to another friends land.   That, my friends is what I can’t believe.

I asked her if we were going to do the garden thing again this year, she implied, no.  Now get this, her and her friend was going to do it this year.

SMDH, no, no, sometimes you have to spell it out.  shaking my damn head.

Is Standard Police Procedure A Modern Day Lynching

Do you remember when you were told by the police to freeze.   He would approach you check for weapons and if everything checked out you would be let go or if not you would be handcuffed and put in the back of the patrol car?

You were addressed with a professional voice with clear and precise commands.   Not today.  Today’s Police officer is trained to confuse and disorient an individual by yelling at the top of his voice several consecutive commands so any move he make can be interpreted as sudden or aggressive.  If none of that works, the officer can say, “I thought he was reaching for a gun”.  Judge and Jury,  Case closed?

Today there are differing Departmental Policies and Standard Police Procedures that amount to modern day lynching.    Apparently the procedure is for a policemen to yell out several commands and if you do not obey one of then SPP would be to empty the 9mm clip into you.    Even worse is when several cops are yelling commands, (Even a pack of dogs have a lead dog.) creating confusion, and one cop only has to say GUN and all get to cut loose, only stopping when  clips are empty.    Every police who fired a shot would be put on (get this now) “paid administrative leave” which amounts to a paid vacation.   Now if you wanted a paid vacation and all you had to do is pop a cap in someone, then “shoot him before he run now”

On a traffic stop, the police approached the vehicle, told the driver to stick his hands out the window.  He then told him to open the door and step out of the vehicle.   The door was keyless entry and could only be opened from the inside.  When the driver stuck his hands back inside the car to open the door he was riddled with bullets by the police who felt threatened because the driver made a “sudden” move.   Police got three days paid leave (which amounts to a vacation) pending an investigation.

Our fearless leaders in the black community will have us march and sing “we shall over come (not today but) someday”.

As long as a policemen didn’t perform outside of Departmental policies then no charges will be filed against the Officer.   More times that not, there won’t even be an investigation.    Not to mention, “Departmental Policies” are never revealed to the public.

We can only assume that  Departmental policy is not to subdue and apprehend, but do dispatch (kill) the individual, suspect, perp or person of interest.   All of the afore mentioned are terms used by police, but only one result will end in a paid vacation.    Fringe benefits and performance perks has never look so good.   To merely arrest someone will result in a lot of paper work, and due to incompetence along the chain of command to the prosecution, the person may get off on a technicality, or even worse he could get probation.  So “paid vacation” it is.

Now, one would expect Departmental Policy to be to disable the individual, but is seems that the real policy is to shoot to kill.   Like in the Military, one shot one kill, no that’s not right, a Police firing one shot would be like a drug addict taking one pill.   A cop gets his thrill with a kill, an addict gets his thrill with a pill.   At least an addict is only harming himself.

Remember Suicide is against the law, try it and they will kill you.

The Saga Continues

The seattle cop stopped his car, got out, approached and elderly native american who was well known in the community as a wood carver.   The Police officer, being surprised by a knife (with a huge 3in blade)  and immediately felt threatend, shot and killed him. 

 As far as the inquest goes,  in order to get the the answer you want, you have to ask the right question.  The officer was cleared by a grand jury and will not face any charges.  Was it premeditated? No. But, in my opinion it was cold blooded murder.

This is the same police department that one of the officers kicked a young man in the groin while he had his hands up.

This is the same police department that one of the officers hit a young lady in the face with his fist.

This is the same police department that one of the officers kicked an individual in the head while yelling racial slurs while he was already down on the ground.  

I have to wonder if this is not a combination shot on the part of the police department.   The ball you hit with the cue ball is not the one you want to fall.  

 This is the same police department that is under investigation by the U.S. Justice department. 

What is it that the police department want to happen?   We see unrest spreading throughout the middle east.  Is this what police departments want to happen?   This would surely give them the chance to test out the urban assualt vehicles and tactical weapons that has been in the works for the last couple of decades i.e. PNAC

We (The U.S.) praise countries that allow peaceful protests, but will we allow peaceful protests or will we be the country that kill the protesters because the protesters are carrying a knife with a 3in blade.

We (The U.S.) enjoyed our freedoms, and since Sept 11, 2001, we sat by and watch them slowly slip through our fingers under the guise of security.  We will never enjoy the freedoms we enjoyed prior to 9-11, and thanks to the Patriot act, it is law.

If not already, this will probably put me on some kind of watch list


Mr. Williams was killed in an Aug. 30, 2010.  The police shooting was ruled unjustified by the Police Department’s Firearms Review Board. The officer who shot him, Ian Birk, resigned Feb. 16 after King County Prosecutor Dan Satterberg announced charges would not be filed in the incident.  Coming to a Police Department near you.

Seattle Mayor Mike McGinn proclaim Sunday Feb 27, 2011 “John T. Williams Day” in honor of the man shot and killed by a Seattle police officer in August.   That was the last Sunday in February.   I think this (The last Sunday in February) day should the a celebration of  John T. Williams every year.  There should be contest and awards given out to junior carvers and everyone should carry a 3 inch carving knife in honor of  Mr.  Williams.

Once Upon A Time (FICTION?)


 Casiesville,  a  small  town situated in the southeastern
           region  of  North  Carolina.    Only   partially  integrated,
           there  seem to be no hurry on either  side  to  further  this
           movement  since Federal Regulation was the only motivation in
           the  first  place.   Before   compliance   there   were   two
           schools;  Casiesville  High (white) and Central High (black).
           A few years ago Casiesville High was  renovated with  central
           air,  new buses, dining   facilities  and  a  few  classrooms
           added.   Central  High  on  the other hand only got new books
           since it was built only five years ago.  At  this  point  the
           only  segregation  was the beauty shops and barber shops. The
           town was situated in that there were farms to the  north  and
           to  the  south,  blacks  lived  on the east and whites on the
           west.  Ironically, the poorer whites lived  just  outside  of
           town  on  the  west and like wise for the blacks on the east.
           It seems as though the farther out you lived in  the  suburbs
           the  more affluent you would be.

               There  was  two movie theaters, no! not one black and one
           white.  It just so happens that one was owned by a white  man
           and   one   by   a   black  man.   There   was  not  separate
           accommodations for the different races.  There  was  just  no
           interest  on eithers part  to see what the other was showing.
           However, occasionally there would be a few that would venture
           in and sit in on one  of  the movies.  One week  John  Jacobs
           (white)  had  a  movie at his theater called “A STAR IS BORN”
           the very next week William  Fletcher  (black)  had  the  same
           movie  at  his.    Besides  the  ones that wanted to see it a
           second time, there were a few that came to see  it  that  had
           never  seen  it  before (white).  Not only did he have a full
           house and had to turn some away but he decided  to  carry  it
           for  another  week.   There  was  an  “invisible  hand”  type
           competition between Mr. Jacobs and Mr. Fletcher.

               When Federal Laws  on  segregation went into  effect,  it
           did  not  have as a great of an impact on this town as it did
           in other towns and cities.   There  was  resentment  on  both
           sides concerning busing.  since  both schools went from first
           through  twelve,  there  were  no  Junior  High or Elementary
           Schools.  There was heated debate  about which  school  would
           be  the  Senior  High  and  which  would be the First through
           Eight.  This issue was very important in that no  one  wanted
           to  send their young children across town to school each day.
           Since the feeling was mutual for the most part, the  decision
           was  made  to  leave both schools first through Twelve and to
           bus anyone who wanted to  go  to  a  different  school.   The
           school  Officials  was pleased to hear that both sides agreed
           to keep both schools at full scale  level  which  meant  more
           Federal  Funds,  keeping  tow  football, baseball, basketball
           teams etc.  Needless to say the Officials saw $$,$$$.$$

               Surprisingly, there were a few on each side that chose to
           go to opposite schools.  There were only  minor  incidents,on
           in which a white tenth  grader  fainted  in  the  boys locker
           room. After a thorough examination the only bruise was on his
           head  from  the fall.  For two weeks the only verbal response
           from him was “why are they so big”.  A few weeks later at the
           same school a white student was seen running nude across  the
           football  field  during  lunch  although   all students  were
           present and accounted for at the beginning of fourth  period.
           The only incident at casiesville High was the lost of records
           of a black student.  Both sides blamed the other.  One saying
           that the records were not sent and the other saying that they
           were  sent.  After three months the records were found  under
           a mail bend at the Post Office.

           All went well for about six months until Sally (white age  9)
           saw Johnny (black age 9) at the community grocery store.

            Sally: Mom, there is Johnny, hey nigger!
              Mom: How do you know him?
            Sally: Oh, he is in my class.
              Mom: Come on Sally, we only have a few more things to pick
            Sally: Mom, why didn’t he answer me?
              Mom: Do you ever talk in calss?
            Sally: No.
              Mom: Why all of a sudden do you want to talk to him?
            Sally: I guess I was surprised to see him.
              Mom: Come on sally let’s go to the check out counter.
            Sally: Okay.
              Mom: Sally! Sally where are you going?

           Sally hurried down a few isles to the meat sections where she
           saw Johnny standing along side a real tall  black  man.   She
           hesitated for a second.

            Sally: Hey  nigger  didn’t you here me calling you? you act
                   like you don’t know me.

           Johnny’s father, Frank Johnson turned around, looked at Sally
           and then at Johnny.

            Frank: Son do you know this young lady?
           Johnny: Yes, she is in my class.
            Sally: Why didn’t you answer me when I called you?
           Johnny: Sally, I didn’t hear anyone call my name.
            Sally: I didn’t, I called you nigger.
           Johnny: That’s not my name.
            Frank: Young lady, Sally is ;it?
            Sally: Yes,
            Frank: Who told you his name was nigger?
            Sally: Nobody, when we are ridding along in the car and  see
                   some  of  you  people,  my  dad  says  “look  at that
                   nigger”, even if he or Mon see  one  of  you  on  our
                   television, they call them nigger.
            Frank: You need to ask your parents why they call us that.
           Johnny: Sally,  would  you  want  someone to call you a name
                   other than your own.
            Sally: I’m Sorry, I didn’t know.
              Mom: Sally, didn’t you hear me calling you?
            Sally: Yes Mom, this is Johnny and his Dad.
              Mom: Hi, young lady come on, its time to go home.
           Johnny: See you at school tomorrow Sally.
            Sally: Okay Johnny.
            Frank: Son, you have some interesting friends.

           Mom  (Brenda gates) and Sally went out and put the groceries
           in the car and started home.

            Sally: Mom, why do you call them nigger?
           Brenda: We have been calling them that for as long as  I  can
            Sally: Johnny said nigger was not his name, and I know that
                   I would not want anyone calling me anything other than
                   my name.
           Brenda: Let’s not discuss it anymore.

           Several minutes of silence went by, ;then all of a sudden.

           Brenda: Look  at  that nigger strut, you know, they all have

           Wanting to ask a question, while remembering  that  Mom  said
           not to discuss it any more.

            Sally: Mom.
           Brenda: What honey?
            Sally: Nothing Mom.

Like A Child, She Wants to Make Her Own Mistakes

You only want to offer guidance, while it seems that you want to take control

There will only be defiance, as your predications are on a roll.

Express your love in the only way you know how, 

Yet,  It only matters for the here and now.

Tell me, do I continue on the same path,

or do I put two and two together and consider the math.

People are Something…..

Have you ever wondered why some people always find a way to screw things up for you.   You may think it’s incompetence and that they can’t do any better.   Well,  Think about it in this way.  What if they are jealous, and their goal is to screw things up for you.  You know, that person who all ways volunteer to do something for you even when you didn’t ask.  Beware of the ill willed so called friends and even family members can fall into this category.   The only reason they want to be part of your life is to screw it up.   Their only goal is to insure your failure my helping you to fail.  Why?  Jealousy.   Another tactic a jealous person will employ is to be negative about any and sometimes all of your goals, ambitions and desires. 

You don’t need these people in your life, or at least know that they are there and the jealousy is relentless.

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