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Events In African American History For November 04


1. In 1872, P. B. S. Pinchback is elected to the United States Congress from Louisiana. He was one of the most colorful of the blacks who took seats in Congress after the Civil War. His full name was Pinckey Benton Stewart Pinchback.

2. In 1872,  Blacks actually take political power in Louisiana. C. C. Antoine is elected lieutenant governor; P. G. Deslonde becomes secretary of state; and W. B. Brown becomes superintendent of public education. Virtually all black political gains would be taken away as the Reconstruction period gave way to the Jim Crow period.

3. In 1874, The Democratic Party sweeps the off-year elections. At this stage in history the Democrats are largely an anti-black political party. Their taking control of the House of Representatives helps pave the way for the end of Reconstruction

4. In 1879,  T. Elkins received Patent for Refrigerating Apparatus.

5. In 1922,  The entrance to King Tut’s tomb is discovered in Egypt. Controversy reigns to this day as to “King Tut’s color. Many black authorities claim white historians and museums continue a historic practice of using representations of Tut that lighten his skin and modify his African features.

6. In 1967, Soul Man By Sam and Dave Hit #2

7. In 2008,   Barack Obama Elected President Of  The United States Of America. On Election Night

Events In African American History For October 16


1. In 1849, Avery College established in Allegheny County, Pennsylvania.  Rev Charles Avery  established the Allegheny Institute and Mission Church north of Pittsburgh, with the aim of offering elementary and advanced education to qualified African-American students without regard to sex. Both the racial and the coeducational features of the program were controversial, and the school’s connection to Pittsburgh’s A.M.E. Zion Church assured a strong religious influence in the officially nonsectarian institute. (Religious affiliation was not to be a consideration in admission decisions, but instructors were expected to be professing Christians.)

2. In 1855, John Mercer Langston, probably the first black elected to public office in America, wins the race for clerk of the Brownhelm Township, Lorain County, Ohio.

3. In 1859, Harpers Ferry Insurrection.

4. In 1883,  S. E. Thomas Received Patent for Waste Trap

5. In 1895, The nation’s leading African American medical group, the National Medical Association, is founded in Atlanta.

6. In 1901, Booker T. Washington becomes the first black leader to dine at the White House with the president when Theodore Roosevelt invites him. Some black leaders charge Washington’s invitation was a result of his policies that they charge tended to accommodate racism. Nevertheless, the invitation and dinner served to crown Washington as the black leader of the period.

7. In 1940, Benjamin Oliver Davis Sr. was named the first Black General in The U.S. Army.

John Carlos and Tommie Smith

8. In 1968, Sprinters John Carlos and Tommie Smith give the clenched-fist black power salute when accepting their medals at the Mexico City Olympics as a protest against racism in America.  The white Australian sprinter in the historic picture also wore a human rights badge in support of their protest.

9. In 1973, Maynard Jackson, elected mayor of Atlanta.  He served three terms, two consecutive terms from 1974 until 1982 and a third term from 1990 to 1994. He became the first African American mayor of Atlanta in the same week that Coleman Young became the first African-American mayor of Detroit.

10. In 1984, Archbishop  Desmond Tutu is awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for his work to end white-minority rule in South Africa.

11. In 1995, Nation of Islam leader, Minister Louis Farrakhan, leads the Million Man March to the Nation’s Capital in Washington, D.C. Over a million black men gather to “atone” and organize.

Events In African American History For October 14


1. In 1834, Henry Blair received Patent for Corn planter

2. In 1889, Granville T. Woods Received Patent for Automatic safety cut-out for electric circuits

3. In 1890,  A. F. Hilyer received Patent for Registers

4. In 1964, Martin Luther King Jr. became the youngest man to win the Nobel Peace Prize.

5. In 2008, You’ll Never Know, an album of new recordings by Little Anthony and the Imperials, marks the group’s 50th anniversary.

Events In African American History For October 07


1. In 1889, William Owen Bush, elected to the Washington legislature. The son of the pioneer George Washington Bush (1790?-1863)

2. In 1890, H. H. Reynolds Received Patent for Safety gate for bridges

3. In 1890, Isaac Watkins Received Patent for Scrubbing Frame

4. In 1890, Snow & Johns Received Patent for Liniment

5. In 1954, Marian Anderson, Became the first African American contracted by the Metropolitan Opera

6. In 1993, Toni Morrison, Writer, awarded the Nobel Prize in literature

Events In African American History For Sept 22

1. In 1862, President Lincoln, in preliminary Emancipation Proclamation warned South that he would free slaves in all states in rebellion on January 1, 1863.

2. In 1891, Jan E. Matzeliger received Patent for Lasting machine

3. In 1915, Xavier University, first Black Catholic College in US, opened.

4. In 1950, Ralph J. Bunche, U.N. undersecretary general for special political affairs (1955-70) was awarded nobel peace prize.

5. In 1953, Faye Adam’s “Shake A Hand” is the #1 R&B single

6. In 1959, Juanita Kidd Stout to serve as judge of the Philadelphia Municipal Court.

7. In 1961, The Interstate Commerce Commission officially prohibits segregation in buses traveling in interstate commerce. It also banned segregated terminal facilities even though the ruling was largely ignored in many Southern states.

Birthdays Of Famous African Americans For Aug 04

1. Robert Purvis, abolitionist, first board of managers of the American Anti-Slavery Society.

2. Louis Daniel Armstrong, nicknamed Satchmo or Pops, was a jazz trumpeter and singer from New Orleans, Louisiana.

3. Robert Hayden, poet, essayist, educator. He was appointed Consultant in Poetry to the Library of Congress in 1976.

4. Mayme Agnew Clayton, Librarian, researcher and historian, and the Founder, President & Spiritual Leader of the Western States Black Research and Education Center (WSBREC), the largest privately held collection of African-American historical materials in the world. The collection represents the core holdings of the Mayme A. Clayton Library Museum and Cultural Center (MCL) located in Culver City, California.

5. Barack Obama, Father, Husband, Professor, Lawyer, Author, Politician, Senator, Nobel prize Winner, First Black President Of the United States Of America.

6. Keith Maurice Ellison, Lawyer, politician, and a Democrat. He became the first Muslim to be elected to the United States Congress when he won the open seat for Minnesota’s 5th congressional district, which centers on Minneapolis, in the House of Representatives in 2006. He is also the first African American elected to the House from Minnesota, currently serving in the 111th United States Congress. Ellison is also active on a national level in advocacy for Muslims in the United States.

7. Marques Houston, Rapp Artist/Actor

Events In African American History For December 10

1. In 1846,  N. Rillieux Received Patent for Sugar refiner (evaporating pan)  which revolutionizes the sugar industry.

2. In 1854,   Edwin C. Berry was born on this day in Oberlin, Ohio. He errected a 22-room hotel, Hotel Berry, in Athens, Ohio; at the time of his retirement in 1921, he had a reputation as the most successful black small-city hotel operator in the U.S.(1892).

3. In 1864,  Mixed cavalry force, including Fifth and Sixth Colored Cavalry regiments, invaded southwest Virginia and destroyed salt mines at Saltville. Sixth Cavalry was especially brilliant in an engagement near Marion, Virginia.

4. In 1872,  L. Bell received Patent for Dough kneader

5. In 1878,  O. Dorsey received Patent for Door-Holding Device

6. In 1895,   J. B. Allen received Patent for Clothes line support

7. In 1950,  Ralph J Bunche becomes the first african american awarded a Nobel Peace Prize

8. In 1964,  Martin Luther King Jr. wins Nobel Peace Prize at ceremonies in Oslo, Norway. He was the third Black and the youngest person to receive the award.

9. In 1965,  Sugar Ray Robinson permanently retired from boxing on this day with six victories in title bouts to his credit — more than any other fighter in history.

10. In 1967,   A plane carrying Otis Redding to a concert date in Wisconsin crashed in Lake Monoma.

11. In 1982,   Pamela McAllister Johnson became the first Black woman publisher of a mainstream paper, the Ithaca Journal.

12. In 2009,   President Barack Obama accepts the Nobel Peace Prize in Norway.

13. In 2015, President Obama Signed the Every Student Succeeds Act.

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