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Black Press Exclusive: Cosby Recording Could Prove Comedian Innocent – The Seattle Medium

By Stacy M. Brown NNPA Contributor A source whom can only be identified as a ‘neutral’ Montgomery County Court official, claims a tape played in court that helped convict Bill Cosby was either doctored or partly erased and the original recording contained information that would exonerate the comedian. “No one in the media, no one […]

Source: Black Press Exclusive: Cosby Recording Could Prove Comedian Innocent – The Seattle Medium

Events In African American History For November 08

1. In 1892,  More Awful Lychings, One hundred and sixty one Blacks reported lynched.

2. In 1898,   The Riot of 1898, in two days of racial violence, a mob of whites, led by some of Wilmington’s most respected and influential citizens, destroyed the state’s only daily African American newspaper. Coroner reports confirm nine blacks were killed; some estimate hundreds died. Scores of others were driven from their homes…

3. In 1932,  Spingarn Medal awarded to Robert R. Moton, president of Tuskegee Institute, for his “thoughtful leadership in conservative opinion and action.”

4. In 1938,  Crystal Bird Fauset becomes the 1st black woman elected to a state legislature in the U.S. acquiring this distinction by being named to the Pennsylvania House of Represenatives.

5. In 1960,   Otis M. Smith elected auditor general of Michigan and became the first Black chosen in a statewide election since the Reconstruction period.

6. In 1966,  Edward W. Brooke elected first Black US Senator in 85 years. (Since Reconstruction)

7. In 1966,  John H. Johnson, publisher of Ebony and Jet magazines, awarded Spingarn Medal “for his productive imagination…in the perilous field of publishing” and “for his contributions to the enhancement of the Negro’s self-image through his publications.”

8. In 1966,  John Perry Jr. & H. F. Hunger Received Patent for Biochem fuel cell.

Events In African American History For October 21

1. In 1865, Jamaican national hero, George William Gordon, is unfairly arrested and sentenced to death, 1865

2.  In 1916, successful African American entrepreneur and community leader Anthony P. Crawford was murdered by a lynch mob in Abbeville, South Carolina.   A white mob beat, stabbed, shot, and hung Mr. Crawford, a 56-year-old Black farmer, in the Abbeville town square, after he dared to argue with a white merchant over the price of cottonseed.  The patriarch of a large, multi-generational family, and the owner of 427 acres of land, Mr. Crawford was a successful farmer and leader whose murder had long-reaching effects.

3. In 1950, The first NBA Black Assistant Coach and first Black chief scout, Earl Lloyd, becomes the first Black person to play in an NBA game (beating out Charles Cooper and Nat Clifton by a day).

4. In 1979,  The Black Fashion Museum is opened in Harlem by Lois Alexander to highlight the achievements and contributions of African Americans to fashion.

5. In 1980,  Valerie Thomas invented the illusion transmitter.

6. In 1986,  George Alcorn patents fabrication of spectrometer , Patent # 4,618,380

7. In 1989, Bertram M. Lee and Peter C.B. Bynoe sign an agreement to purchase the National Basketball Association’s Denver Nuggets for $54 million. They become the first African American owners of a professional basketball team.

8. In 1994,  Dexter Scott King, youngest son of Martin Luther King Jr and Coretta Scott King, is named head of SCLC.

Events In African American History For Aug 28


1. In 1888, Granville T. Woods Received Patent for Railway Telegraphy

2. In 1894, R. H. Gray received Patent for Bailing press

3. In 1955, Emmett Til lynched for whistling at a white girl.

4. In 1963, March on Washington about 250,000 people attend the march which was the biggest civil rights march to date.

5. In 1963, Martin Luther King Jr makes (I Have A Dream) speech at Lincoln Memorial.

6. In 1976, LTD (Love Togetherness and Devotion), Makes its chart debut with “Love Ballad”

7. In 1994, Eldrick “Tiger” Woods, 18, won the U.S. Amateur Golf Championship for the first time.

Be Kind To Humankind Week, Day Four, Offer a helping hand, Willing-To-Lend-A-Hand.

Events In African American History For August 07

1. In 1846, Frederick Douglass is speaker at the World’s Temperance convention in London, England.

2. In 1893, Black longshoremen struck for higher wages and better working conditions in Galveston, Texas.

3. In 1893, Fifty-third Congress (1893-95) convened which included Black congressman, George W. Marray, South Carolina.

4. In 1893, One hundred and eighteen Blacks were reported lynched in 1893.

5. In 1894, J. Lee received Patent for Kneading machine

6. In 1932, Abebe Bikila of Ethiopia becomes the first man to win the Olympic marathon twice (running barefoot).

7. In 1946, Sculptor, Isaac Hathaway was chosen as the designer of the American coin. President Harry S. Truman authorized a commission by the U. S. Mint of a fifty cent piece “to commemorate the life and perpetuate the ideas and teachings of Booker T. Washington.”

8. In 1948, Alice Coachman, jumped record breaking 5 feet 6 1/8 inches becomes the first African American woman to win an Olympic gold medal in the high jump during the Summer Games in London. She will later become inducted into the National Track and Field Hall of Fame.

9. In 1954, Charles H. Mahoney was confirmed by the Senate and became the first Black to serve as a full delegate to the United Nations.

10. In 1960, Black and white students staged kneel-in demonstrations in Atlanta churches.

11. In 1970, Four persons, including the presiding judge, killed in courthouse shoot-out in San Rafael, Marin County, California. Police charged that activist Angela Davis helped provide the weapons used by the convicts and issued a nationwide warrant for her arrest. She was arrested in New York City in October 1970, returned to California to face charges of kidnapping, murder, and conspiracy Davis was acquitted of all charges on June 4, 1972.

12. In 1970, Soul Train makes its TV debut. “The Hippest Trip in America” Soul Train exploded on the scene, hosted by Don Cornelius, ending each show with “Love, Peace and Soul”

13. In 2005, Frederick Douglas “Fritz” Pollard is inducted posthumously into the Football Hall of Fame in Canton, OH. He was the first African American player and coach in the NFL. He was also a two-time All-American at Brown University and was the first African American to play in the Rose Bowl in 1916.

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