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Families Belong Together

A sudden push to keep families together, but for hundred of years, the Black family has been systematically  broken up, separated and dismantled.   The welfare system as it was then called, would not allow a Black family to get assistance unless the Black father was out of the home.  This was not enforced on any other race.   The Black woman could have a live-in boy friend but the father had to be out.

Black people  are governed, regulated and controlled by another race to the advantage of that race.   Modern Day Slavery




Black Page March 12, 2018

march 12 2018

Events In African American History For November 07

1. In 1775, Lord Dunmore, deposed royal governor of Virginia, issued proclamation which promised freedom to male slaves who joined the British army.

2. In 1876, Edward A. Bouchet received the Ph.D. degree in physics at Yale University and became the first Black to receive a doctorate at an American University.

3. In 1876, Edward Bannister, the first Black artist to win wide critical acclaim, awarded prize at Philadelphia Centennial Exposition for his work, Under the Oak.

4. In 1876, The disputed presidential election which changed the course of black history occurs. The dispute led to the Hayes-Tilden Compromise. In order to be declared president Republican Rutherford B. Hayes reached an agreement with southern Democrats which had the effect of ending much of Reconstruction and the protection of black rights. The Jim Crow era began with “black codes” and other measures which severely limited black rights. Many of these rights were not restored until the 1960’s.

5. In 1909, Knights and Ladies of St. Peter Claver organized in Mobile, Alabama, by four Posephite priests and three Catholic laymen.

6. In 1934,  Arthur L. Mitchell defeated Oscar DePriest in a Chicago election and became the first Black Democratic congressman.

7. In 1955, Supreme Court in Baltimore case banned segregation in public recreational facilities.

8. In 1963,  Elston Howard, New York Yankees Star catcher, became the first Black to win the American League Most Valuable Player Award.

9. In 1964, Little Anthony and the Imperials’ “Goin’ Out of My Head,” a vocal-group soul classic, enters the Billboard chart, where it will peak in the Top Ten.

10. In 1967,  Carl B. Stokes is elected Mayor of Cleveland, Ohio.

11. In 1967,  Richard Hatcher was elected the first Black mayor of Gary, IN.

12. In 1989,  Lawrence Douglas Wilder became first Black Governor in the US (Virginia).

13. In 1991, Rock legend Jimi Hendrix was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

14. In 2007,  Michael Nutter, Elected Mayor of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He is Philadelphia’s third African American mayor.

Events In African American History For October 15


1. In 1883, U.S. Supreme Court declared Civil Rights Act of 1875 unconstitutional.  

This decision was spurred by the end of Reconstruction and helped to usher in the Jim Crow era in the South whereby black rights won during Reconstruction were taken away.

2. In 1949, William Hastie nominated for the U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals. He was the first Black to sit on the court.

3. In 1968, Wyomia Tyus becomes the first person to win a gold medal in the 100 meter race in two consecutive Olympic games.

4. In 1991, Judge Clarence Thomas is confirmed as the 106th associate justice of the U.S. Supreme Court.

Events In African American History For October 09


1. In 1888, O. B. Clare received Patent for Trestle Patent# 390,753

2. In 1888, S. E. Thomas Received Patent for Pipe Connection

3. In 1940, The White House released a statement which said that government “policy is not to intermingle colored and white enlisted personnel in the same regimental organizations.”

4. In 1962, Uganda proclaims it’s  independence.

5. In 1974, Frank Robinson became the first Black major league baseball manager.

6. In 1984, W Wilson Goode becomes the 1st African American mayor of Philadelphia

7. In 1991, Korean store owner shoots and kills teenager Latasha Harlins in the back of the head. Despite widespread protests, the store owner is only convicted of 10 years of probation. Her store was firebombed weeks later.

8.  In 2009, President Barack Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize for what the Norwegian Nobel Committee called “his extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and cooperation between peoples.” 

Events In African American History For October 08


1. In 1775, Slaves and free blacks are officially barred by the Council of Officers from joining the Continental army to help fight for American independence from England. Nevertheless, a significant number of blacks had already become involved in the fight and would distinguish themselves in battle. Additional blacks were barred out of the fear, especially in the South, that they would demand freedom for themselves if white America became free from Britain.

2. In 1969, Police officers and Blacks exchanged sniper fire on Chicago’s West Side. One youth was killed and nine policemen were injured.

Events In African American History For October 05


1. In 1777, Connecticut adopted a policy whereby White slave masters could avoid service in the army by providing one of his slaves to fight for America freedom. The policy to allow slaves to substitute for White masters spread throughout the colonies.

2. In 1867, Monroe Baker, named mayor of St. Martin, Louisiana.

3. In 1875, H. H. Nash Received Patent for Life-Preserving stool

4. In 1886, M. Headen received Patent for Foot Powerd Hammer

5. In 1897, J. H. Evans received Patent for Convertible Settees

6. In 1942, Marian Anderson accepted the invitation to sing at Constitution Hall.

Events In African American History For October 02


1. In 1865, North Carolina amends constitution forbidding slavery.

2. In 1888, P. W. Cornwell received Patent for Draft Regulator

3. In 1965, Closing out an incredible year, Little Anthony and the Imperials launch their last Top Forty pop hit, “I Miss You So.”

4. In 1967, Thurgood Marshall sworn in as the first Black Supreme Court Justice.

5. In 1986, President Ronald Reagan appointed Edward J. Perkins ambassador to South Africa

6. In 1986, The U.S. Senate overrides President Ronald Reagan’s veto of legislation imposing economic sanctions on South Africa.

Events In African American History For October 01


1. In 1868,  John Mercer Langston founded and organized the Law Department of Howard University

2. In 1872, Morgan State College founded in Maryland.

3. In 1940, Dr. Charles Richard Drew was appointed medical director of the plasma project of Great Britain. As director of the first great experiment in the gross production of human plasma, Dr. Drew created models for later developments in the United States and Europe. When the project ended in 1941, Dr. Drew became the first director of a new project charged with the responsibility of setting up donor stations to collect blood plasma for the American armed services. He resigned three months later and became professor of surgery at Howard University. Under an American Red Cross ruling in World War II, Dr. Drew’s blood, ironically enough, would have been segregated from the blood of white donors.

4. In 1948, California Supreme Court voided state statue banning interracial marriages.

5. In 1952, Joe Black became the first black pitcher to win a World Series game. The Dodgers defeated the New York Yankees 4-2. Black was also the 1952 Rookie of the Year.

6. In 1962,Escorted by Federal Troops, James Meredith became first Black student at Old Miss.

7. In 1966,  Black Panther party founded in Oakland (Calif.) by Huey Newton and Bobby Seale.

8. In 1977, Soccer great Pele retires.

9. In 1985,  B. Smith & L. E. Branovich & G. L. Freeman Received Patent for Mtd. or preparing nonlaminating anisotropic

10. In 1989, Colin Powell named Chairman of Joint Chiefs of Staff.

11. In 1991, Dr. Mary Schmidt Campbell, art historian, becomes dean of New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts.

12. In 1993, Rita Dove,  appointed as the Nation’s seventh poet laureate. She was the first Black, and youngest person to hold this position

Washington State I-1183

At a time when domestic violence, drunk driving, teenage drinking and other alcohol related crime is at an all time high, why would anyone even consider making alcohol more easily available than it is now?   If Washington State want to get out of the alcohol business, the answer is simple, just stop selling it.  Close down the liquor stores.  

I remember a year or so ago, a college student got hold of some 4 loco.  Everyone was outraged. The stores were forced to stop selling it.  Psssst, FYI,  4 loco is nothing compared to vodka, 151 rum or gin

Now…We all know what happens when there is a liquor store one every corner.  We all know where all the corners are located that the liquor stores will be on. 

This economy is a mess.  When it improves and there is a economical sense of normality, there is going be a segment of the population left behind.

I wonder what the number of the initiative is going to be that ask for property taxes to be increased to put more police on the street, create task forces and increase special victims units to combat alcoholism, domestic violence and teenage drinking.

Who are going to be the so-called resident experts that are going to be called upon by the talk shows and news organizations to explain why these problems exist? 

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