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Events In African American History For Sept 25


1. In 1861, The Secretary of the Navy authorizes the enlistment of African Americans in the Union Navy. The enlistees could achieve no rank higher than “boys” and receive pay of one ration per day and $10 per month.

2. In 1883, L. C. Bailey received Patent for Combined Truss and Bandage

3. In 1886, Peter “The Black Prince” Jackson wins the Australian heavyweight title, becoming the very first Black man to win a national boxing crown.

4. In 1957, Desegregation of Central High School, Little Rock Arkansas.  The nine Black Students are known as the Little Rock Nine.

5. In 1962, Another Black Church Destroyed, A Black church was destroyed by fire in Macon, Georgia. This was the eighth church burned in Georgia since August 15.

6. In 1962, Sonny Liston knocks out Floyd Patterson in the first round to become the world heavyweight boxing champion.

7. In 1962, The Continuing Struggle, Governor Barnett again defied court orders and personally denied Meredith admission to the University.

8. In 1974, Barbara W Hancock becomes the first Black woman named a White House fellow.

9. In 1975, “It Only Takes a Minute” by Tavares is #1 Black chart single

10. In 1991, Spencer Williams’s 1942 movie Blood of Jesus is among the third group of 25 films added to the Library of Congress’s National Film Registry.

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