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Events In African American History For December 11

1. In 1888,  H. Creamer received Patent for Steam Trap Feeder

2. In 1917,  Jazz migration began. Joe Oliver left New Orleans and settled in Chicago and was joined by other stars.

3. In 1917,   Spingarn Medal presented to Harry T. Burleigh, composer and singer, for excellence in the field of music.

4. In 1917,  Thirteen Black soldiers hanged for alleged participation in Houston riot.

5. In 1917,   Thirty-six Blacks reportered lynched in 1917.

6. In 1943,  W.E.B. Du Bois elected 1st black member, Natl Inst of Arts & Letters.

7. In 1961,   Langston Hughes’ musical, Black Nativity, opened on Broadway.

8. In 1961,  U.S. Supreme Court reversed conviction of sixteen sit-in students who had been arrested in Baton Rouge.

9. In 1980,  George Rogers won South Carolina’s first Heisman after leading the nation in rushing by topping the 100-yard mark in every game.

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