Nothing will motivate a man to move forward faster than knowing what's behind Him.

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Moses West Making a Push For Clean Water.

Moses West Bringing Water To Hurricane Victims

Vandals Attempt To Destroy Black Veteran’s Water Machine

Shades Of Color Ebony Arts Fashion Show

The entire Video can not be uploaded to this sight.  I’m breaking them up in segments.

Freedom Fashions

Royal Trad

E’mit Cotour Designs

Chelsia Berry Designs

Yanique Designs

Circle Up Productions

Sheena’s Gallery

This Is Chocolate Diamond

 Ruth Esther’s designs

For more information about the shows Organizers, sponsors and contributors go to The Ebony Art Show

The is another site that you may find interesting Event Brite  

Here are a few photos of the Event



Great Finds


Is the mountain moving closer or is it just me?


Mankind’s Freedom?

This is happening On 150th St Sw.

DJ Spice


installed the Mic stand and light fixture

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