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What!!! Judge Ordered Striking Teachers Back To The Classroom?

As though he was a slave master ordering slaves back to the fields, Judge Bryan Chushcoff ordered Tacoma Teachers back to work.   The teacher’s union voted unanimously to strike.   The judge ordered them back to work without the protection of a contract.   You can’t expect excellence by riding rough shot over the very people that we depend on to teach our children.

The Tacoma School District should give them a Great contract.   Then they can be held accountable for doing a great job.

Birthdays Of Famous African Americans For Sept 05

John Wesley Cromwell

1. John Wesley Cromwell, journalist and educator, was born into slavery in Portsmouth, Virginia on September 5, 1846. After receiving freedom, Cromwell and his family moved to Philadelphia. In 1865, Cromwell returned to Portsmouth at the age of eighteen and opened a private school for freedmen in Portsmouth, , which failed due to racial harassment and replaced by programs held by the American Missionary Association.. Cromwell entered Howard University in Washington, D. C. in 1871. He received a law degree and was admitted to the bar in 1874. Cromwell was the first African American to practice law for the Interstate Commerce Commission.

Cromwell founded the weekly paper The People’s Advocate in 1876. In 1881, Cromwell was elected President of Bethel Library and Historical Association in Washington, D. C. Cromwell used this position to generate interest in African American history. He inspired the foundation of the Association for the Study of Negro Life and History in 1915.

Sunnyland Slim

2. Sunnyland Slim (Albert Luandrew), blues pianist, who was born in the Mississippi Delta and later moved to Chicago, to contribute to that city’s post-war scene as a center for blues music. He performed with many of the popular blues musicians of the day. His stage name came from a song he composed about the Sunnyland train that ran between Memphis and St. Louis, Missouri.   In 1942 he followed the great migration of southern workers to the industrial north in Chicago.  Through the years Sunnyland Slim played with such musicians as Muddy Waters, Howlin’ Wolf Robert Lockwood, Jr., and Little Walter.

Buddy Miles

3. George Allen Miles, Jr., known as Buddy Miles, was an American rock and funk drummer, most known as a founding member of The Electric Flag in 1967, then as a member of Jimi Hendrix’s Band of Gypsys from 1969 through to January 1970.

Terry Ellis

4. Terry Lynn Ellis, R&B singer best known for her work with the all female quartet En Vogue.

Events In African American History For April 25

1. In 1882,   W. B. Purvis received Patent for Bag fastener

2. In 1899, J. H. Robinson Received Patent for Lifesaving guards for street cars

3. In 1916, Madeline M. Turner receives a patent for the fruit press.

4. In 1945,  The United Nations is founded at a San Francisco meeting attended by African American consultants, most notably W.E.B. Du Bois, Mary McLeod Bethune and Ralph J. Bunche.

5. In 1947,  Jackie Robinson joined the Brooklyn Dodgers and became the first Black in the major leagues in modern times. Larry Doby joined the Cleveland Indians on July 6 and became the first Black in the American League. Three other Blacks played in the major leagues in 1947: Dan Bankhead, pitcher, Brooklyn Dodgers; Willard Brown, outfielder, St. Louis Browns and Henry Thompson, infielder, St. Louis Browns.

6. In 1950,  Charles “Chuck” Cooper first African American ever drafted by an NBA team; picked by the Boston Celtics.

7. In 1972,  Major General Frederick E. Davidson becomes the first African American to lead an Army division when he is assigned command of the 8th Infantry Division in Europe.

8. In 1979, Olodum, an internationally recognized Afro-Brazilian Carnival association, is founded in Bahia, Brazil. The music of this group celebrates Black history and protests racial discrimination. The name Olodum is derived from the name of the supreme Yoruba deity, Olodumare’.


Events In African American History For April 18

1. In 1966,  William Felton (Bill) Russell became the first Black head coach of a major professional sports team (Boston Celtics)

2. In 1975,  James Benton Parsons, educator, Lawyer and judge was named chief judge of the Federal District Court in Chicago.

3. In 1977,  Alex Haley, author of ROOTS, awarded Pulitzer Prize.

4. In 1983,  Alice Walker awarded Pulitzer Prize for The Color Purple.

5. In 1988, Ibrahim Hussein from Kenya Became the first Black Man to win the Boston Marathon.  He ran it in 2:08:43 the second fastest in Boston Marathon history.


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