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Snow in The Northwest (Tacoma/Lakewood)

Snow, rain, sleet, and Lights out, I thought that this would be a great opportunity to implement my 3-5-day emergency plan. 

Judging from the calls made to the local radio stations, I don’t think that most are ready for the big one. Most were complaining about slow utility companies.   I wish Governor Gregoire would have proclaimed a Snow Day Timeout and announced that it was time to stay home and implement your  Emergency Survival Plan.   You know, the one we have been planning for since before Y2K, everybody remember that one.   What’s Your E.S.P.? 

We have been told that there is a possibility that we may have to be self sustaining for up to a week.   We need water, non perishable food, toilet tissue, warm clothing and shelter.  These are just the basics.   

As soon as the local weather men mentioned snow, there was a rush on the local grocery stores.  Those people had no E.S.P., what they had was a grocery list.  

If this was a case of an earth quake, or Mt Rainer eruption, some of us wouldn’t make it.   You would not get a warning from local radio and TV stations.  You would not have a chance to buy the basics from your local store.  The roads could be impassible, the stores may not be open due to destruction.  

Calling 911, if it still works, will be over run and we all will be on our own for days or maybe even weeks. 

An observation I made during the ice storm was that…..due so many homes using generators, wood stoves and cars idling to keep warm, there was so much smog that is would have  a severe adverse effect on anyone with a respiratory problem. 

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