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Events In African American History For April 13

1. In 1669, 341 Years ago Today, An African American man named Emmanuel was baptized April 13, 1669, (Palm Sunday) in a Lutheran congregation in New York.

2. In 1873, 137 Years ago Today, Colfax Massacre, Easter Sunday morning, Grant Parish, Louisiana. More than sixty Blacks were killed.

Sidney Poitier

3. In 1963, 47 Years ago Today, Sidney Poitier Won Oscar for best actor in Lilies of the Fields.

Andrew F. Brimmer

4. In 1966, 44 Years ago Today, Andrew F. Brimmer, economist and former Professor of Economics at University of Pennsylvania, is nominated by President Lyndon B. Johnson to serve as a Governor of the Federal Reserve System. This appointment represented the first black to serve in this capacity.

Tiger Woods

5. In 1997, 13 Years ago Today, Eldrick Tiger Woods wins the 61st Masters Tournament in Augustus ,Georgia at the age of 21 becoming the youngest person to ever win this tournament. He was 18 under par.

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