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Events In African American History For April 25

1. In 1882,   W. B. Purvis received Patent for Bag fastener

2. In 1899, J. H. Robinson Received Patent for Lifesaving guards for street cars

3. In 1916, Madeline M. Turner receives a patent for the fruit press.

4. In 1945,  The United Nations is founded at a San Francisco meeting attended by African American consultants, most notably W.E.B. Du Bois, Mary McLeod Bethune and Ralph J. Bunche.

5. In 1947,  Jackie Robinson joined the Brooklyn Dodgers and became the first Black in the major leagues in modern times. Larry Doby joined the Cleveland Indians on July 6 and became the first Black in the American League. Three other Blacks played in the major leagues in 1947: Dan Bankhead, pitcher, Brooklyn Dodgers; Willard Brown, outfielder, St. Louis Browns and Henry Thompson, infielder, St. Louis Browns.

6. In 1950,  Charles “Chuck” Cooper first African American ever drafted by an NBA team; picked by the Boston Celtics.

7. In 1972,  Major General Frederick E. Davidson becomes the first African American to lead an Army division when he is assigned command of the 8th Infantry Division in Europe.

8. In 1979, Olodum, an internationally recognized Afro-Brazilian Carnival association, is founded in Bahia, Brazil. The music of this group celebrates Black history and protests racial discrimination. The name Olodum is derived from the name of the supreme Yoruba deity, Olodumare’.


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