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Events In African American History For Sept 19


1. In 1865, Atlanta University was founded

2. In 1881, Booker T. Washington opens Tuskegee Institute in Alabama

3. In 1893, E. R. Robinson Received Patent for Electric Railway Trolley

4. In 1943, Actor and activist, Paul Robeson, portrays Othello for the 296th time at New York City’s Shubert Theater.

5. In 1947, Jackie Robinson is named 1947 (Rookie of the Year)

6. In 1956, 1st Intl conference of Black Writers & Artists meets (Paris)

7. In 1967, Nigeria begins offensive against Biafra

8. In 1986, (Captain EO) with Michael Jackson premieres

9. In 1989, First issue of Emerge magazine goes on sale.

10. In 1989, Gordon Parks’ film The Learning Tree is registered in the National Film Registry of the Library of Congress.

Events In African American History For April 20

1. In 1853,  Harriet Tubman starts Underground Railroad.

2. In 1875,  D. Fisher received Patent for Joiners’ clamp.  A modern day version used to make perfect right angles for a picture frame.

3. In 1990,  Black Filmworks Festival held in Oakland, California hosted the first Bay Area “Black Filmworks Festival.” Sponsored by the Black Filmmakers Hall of Fame, the three-day event featured 25 films including a documentary entitled, “Making ‘Do the Right Thing.'”


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