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Black Press Exclusive: Cosby Recording Could Prove Comedian Innocent – The Seattle Medium

By Stacy M. Brown NNPA Contributor A source whom can only be identified as a ‘neutral’ Montgomery County Court official, claims a tape played in court that helped convict Bill Cosby was either doctored or partly erased and the original recording contained information that would exonerate the comedian. “No one in the media, no one […]

Source: Black Press Exclusive: Cosby Recording Could Prove Comedian Innocent – The Seattle Medium

Events In African American History For October 25

1. In 1892, L. F. Brown received Patent for Bridle bit Patent No. 484,994.

2. In 1940,   Benjamin O. Davis Sr became the first Black general in US Army.

3. In 1940, Black newspaper owner’s group, the NNPA (Negro Newspaper Publishers Association), is founded.The group later changed its name to the National Newspaper Publishers Association.

4. In 1958, An estimated 10,000 students led by Jackie Robinson, Harry Belafonte, and labor leader A. Phillip Randolph, participate in a youth march for integrated schools in Washington, D.C.

5. In 1976, A  full pardon is granted to Clarence “Willie” Norris, the last known survivor of the nine “Scottsboro Boys.” The group of black men had been framed in a 1931 conviction for allegedly raping two white women.

6. In 1990, Evander Holyfield knocks out James “Buster” Douglas in the third round to become the undisputed world heavyweight champion.

7. In 1992, Cito Gaston, as manager of the Toronto Blue Jays, became the first Black Manager to lead a Major League Baseball team to win a world series title, defeating the Atlanta Braves.

8. in 1994  Susan Smith (a white woman) set off a nationwide man hunt when she claimed that a Black Man had car jacked her and kidnapped her two young children.  It was later revealed that she had murdered her two boys by buckling them in her car and driving them into a lake.

9. In 1997, The Million Woman March in Philadelphia at the Museum Of Art included Winnie Mandela and Maxine Waters as Keynote Speakers.

10. In 2020 Archbishop Wilton Gregory elevated to cardinal, making him the first African American appointed to the red-hat conclave.

Events In African American History For April 16

1. In 1862, Congress passed bill ending slavery in Washington, DC.

2. In 1895,  C. J. Dorticus received Patent for Machine for embossing photographs

3. In 1963,  Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was jailed in Birmingham, Alabama,  While incarcerated there, he wrote his “Letter from Birmingham Jail,” a moving justification for the moral necessity of non-violent resistance to unjust laws.

4. In 1968,  Rufus Stokes patented an Exhaust Purifier. He filed for the patent 3,378,241 two years earlier.

5. In 1973,  Leila Smith Foley became the first African-American woman to be elected Major of a U.S. city, Taft, Oklahoma. She held the position for 13 years.

Events In African American History For April 02

1. In 1855, John Mercer Langston, considered the first African American to be elected to public office is elected clerk of Brownhelm, Ohio township.

2. In 1865, Black soldiers of the Twenty-Fifth Corps were among the first Union soldiers to enter Petersburg.

3. In 1895, J. Cooper received Patent for Elevator Device.

4. in 1984, Coach John Thompson of Georgetown University becomes the first Black coach to win the NCAA basketball tournament.

5. In 1987,  Engineer Lenell Geter convicted falsely in armed robbery charge. His conviction, which would draw national protest, was finally overturned after having served a 16 month sentence.

6. In 2007, No. 1 CD On The Charts: “Greatest Hits” By The Notorious B.I.G.

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