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Birthdays Of Famous African Americans For November 03

1. Larry Holmes, a former professional boxer. He grew up in Easton, Pennsylvania, hence his boxing nickname, “The Easton Assassin.”   He would win the heavyweight title in 1970 and defend it some 21 times.  


2. Lois Mailou Jones (November 3, 1905 – June 9, 1998) was an artist who painted and influenced others during the Harlem Renaissance and beyond, during her long teaching and artistic career. Jones was the only African-American female painter of the 1930s and 1940s to achieve fame abroad, and the earliest whose subjects extend beyond the realm of portraiture. She was born in Boston, Massachusetts.

Events In African American History For October 30

1. In 1954, Defense Department eliminated segregated regiments.

2. In 1956,  Mayor Gayle of Montgomery, Alabama  looks for legal ways to stop carpools utilized by the organizers of the Montgomery Boycott.

3.  In 1966, The Black Panther Party is founded in California by Huey Newton and Bobby Seale. The full name was the Black Panther Party for Self Defense. It was formed in large measure to bring attention to and combat brutality against blacks by the Oakland, Ca., Police Department.

4. In 1974, Muhammad Ali defeats George Foreman for the heavyweight boxing title. The fight took place in Zaire, now the Congo, and was billed as the “Rumble in the Jungle.” 

5. In 1991, BET Holdings, Inc. sells 4.2 million shares of stock in an initial public offering, becoming the first black company listed on the New York Stock Exchange. Co-founder Bob Johnson has since sold the company to the media giant, Viacom.  Black Entertainment Television is  pay television channel targeting African American audiences.  

6. In 2009, President Obama Signs Ryan White HIV/AIDS Treatment Extension Act of 2009

Events In African American History For October 20

1. In 1898, The North Carolina Mutual and Provident Insurance Company is founded  by John Merrick. The Company grows into the largest black-owned insurance firm in America.

2. In 1979,  John Tate Won the vacant WBA heavyweight title, beating Gerrie Coetzee in Pretoria, South Africa.

3. In 2020, Marcellis Stinnette 19, was a passenger in his girlfriend Tafara Williams’ vehicle.  the officer exited his vehicle then pulled out his duty weapon and fired into the vehicle killing Stinnette and wounding Williams.   

Birthdays Of Famous African Americans For October 19

Byrd Prillerman

1. Byrd Prillerman, Co-founder of Virginia State College  one of West Virginia’s most prominent Negro educators, and former president of West Virginia Collegiate institute, now West Virginia State college.  one of those responsible for having the land-grant school located in the Kanawha Valley, was the fourth president. During his tenure, academic programs were expanded and the institution was given a new name “The West Virginia Collegiate Institute.” Prillerman Hall is named for him.

Lawanda Page

2. LaWanda Page,  actress and comedienne best known for her portrayal of Aunt Esther in the 1970s TV sitcom Sanford and Son. Known for using the “set you straight term” (Watch it sucker). 

Georgia Montgomery Davis Powers

3. Georgia Montgomery Davis Powers, served for 21 years as a distinguished member of the state Senate in the Commonwealth of Kentucky. When elected in 1967, she became the first person of color and the first woman elected to the Kentucky’s State Senate.

Johnnetta Betsch Cole

4. Johnnetta Betsch Cole, PhD, The first African American female president of Spelman College from 1987-1997. She was president of Bennett College from 2002-2007. She is currently serving as director of the Smithsonian Institution’s National Museum of African Art.

Michael Stephen Steele

5. Michael Stephen Steele, Conservative politician, serving since January 2009 as the first African American chairman of the Republican National Committee.   

Jennifer Holiday

6. Jennifer Holiday,  singer and Tony Award-winning actress. She started her career on Broadway in musicals such as Dreamgirls, and later became a successful recording artist. She is best known for her debut single, the Dreamgirls showstopper and Grammy Award-winning R&B/Pop hit, “And I Am Telling You I’m Not Going.”

Evander Hollyfield

7. Evander Hollyfield, Former heavyweight Boxing Champion, He is a former World Undisputed Champion in both cruiserweight and heavyweight divisions, earning him the nickname “The Real Deal”. After winning the bronze medal in the Light Heavyweight division at the 1984 Summer Olympics, he debuted as a professional at the age of 21.

Brad Dougherty

8. Bradley Lee Daugherty, retired  basketball player with the University of North Carolina and later with the Cleveland Cavaliers of the NBA, joined ESPN’s return to NASCAR racing telecasts in 2007. He is currently a car owner and an analyst for NASCAR. 

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