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Acer Iconia A500: getting a quick fix on satellites

I have a tom Tom wireless Bluetooth GPS MkII.  This is only a GPS receiver. I also  downloaded Bluetooth GPS driver for android.  It only takes a few minutes to find several satellites and get a fix.  once a fix is obtained, you are set.   A little scary, I was setting in my living room when I went into google maps and the little blue dot was on the roof of my house.  As I picked up the receiver and my Iconia a500 and walked outside…. so did the little blue dot.  In the status mode it indicated 10 satellites in view, 6 in use and an accuracy of 14.7m.  all with without a network connection.  When I use GPSFix after installing the tom tom, it only takes a few seconds to get a fix.  

This does not remedy the problem with Google’s refusal to allow downloads of it’s maps.  You will still need to be connected to the internet to find address’s and navigation.   However, I did down load Sygic: GPS navigation and it works to that end.  But I deleted it because it was to cumbersome.   I have a Portable GPS that has Sygic Maps, think it is a Sylvania.  It has a better interface and I like the lane assist. Over all it is a good mapping system, all though the quality of the unit itself leaves a lot to be desired.  The power connection worked loose, the battery ran hot and started to blow fuses and the off/on switch finally pushed through.   I thought it was just a fluke but I bought another one and sure enough the power connection was loose from the start.  

I now have Nextar and my wife have a Garmin, as portables they work fine.  the Nextar that I have immediately went unsupported and now have old maps.   The old Nextar was the reason I bought the Sylvania.   By now you must realize that these two Nextar and Sylvania are worthless junk.  I took the second Sylvania back for a refund.  

I wish Sygic would adapt the mapping program thats on the Sylvania SGPD432 for the Acer Iconia A500.   I’d buy that application. I think they would give google maps a run for their money.   I think I paid over $70.00 for that unit.

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