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Building My Chicken Coop


I’m taking my time. I find that when you take your time, you add things that you wouldn’t if you were in a hurry or going by someone else’s drawing or plans.  What you see in the back ground is the current coop.  It is a converted dog house.  With the run, it worked for a while.

But now…I have a lot of work to do and time to get started

Chicken Coop 2-3Chicken Coop 2-2

Still have a long way to go. I’m thinking about how I’m going to arrange the Nesting boxes, windows, doors, lights, ventilation fans and last but not least, a custom made feeder.

Update: August 16, 2011

Chicken Coop

Did a little work on the coop today. I put the roof on and installed a doorway and ramp to the  (Bottom) Under-Run. The run under the coop allows the hens to be able to scratch and peck and even take dust baths even when its raining. Still have to put in the nesting boxes, egg door, a few windows and do the wiring for the air circulation fan, the light timer and light.

Coop 3-5

I’ve installed two doors, the second one do not have a frame yet.  Those of you from the old school, not the old school from a few years back, I’m talking about way, way, way back, will understand when I say the big house is on top, then there’s the bottom and last but not least there is the back 40.  Yes forty, the run in the back is 5’ X 8’ = 40 square feet and it’s in the back.  any way here is the nesting boxes.

Coop 3-4

There are 4 nesting boxes that are just the right size.  I started to put six in but after doing a little measuring, I decided only to put in 4.  Looks like Molly (my French Black Copper Marans) is about to leave me a present.  Anyway just in case, the box is removable.  Here is the path way to the bottom.

Coop 3-3

As you can see, they has already moved in.  I had to make do with a make shift feeder.   I had them roaming the yard while I was working on the coop and they wouldn’t leave.  They actually would not go into the old coop.

Coop 3-1

Here is a better view of the back 40.   After looking at this picture, I noticed that I’m gonna have to put in a rain gutter. The Run (Back 40) is the same one I built and used with the old coop.  

Notice the vent in the upper front corner. It has an exhaust fan.  Gonna put another vent on the other side to get a nice refreshing cross draft.

Coop 3-2

The Coop is 4X8 feet and the back 40 is a 5X8 feet.  About 3 feet that I’ll make good by adding a rain barrel.

At this point I’ve yet to put on the roofing shingles, wiring, trim (gotta cover up those mistakes) and put in a couple windows.   Oh, and I found a wireless network camera at the swap meet.  I hooked it up and it works great.   It operates through Windows Internet Explorer.  If I can figure it out, I’ll broadcast it live over the internet.

Up Date: Sept. 3, 2011

Here I have installed an electrical access door.  I’ve done all the wiring and as you can see I’ve cut out a few windows.   I was going to add a big window but after the three, there is plenty of  light on the inside.   So far I’ve cut out the wildows and stapled on some wire mesh.   I will be  making and installing some framed windows (plexi-glass), hinged to allow for air circulation, when needed.


I finally got around to putting the shingles on, 3 tab desert tan.  Now, what did I do with my paint brush. 


And Here it is the finished Coop.  I went ahead with the Windowed Egg door (more light).  dressed up the clean-out and feed door.  The windows are trimmed.  The center window do not open, however the outside windows slide out.  I originally planned to put hinges on the windows, but decide on sliding windows instead.  You can see the finger knotches to grab the window to pull them out.  This will be great on windy days as well and keeping out the cold.   I also completed the trim to cover up my mistakes, now time to caulk and paint to cover up even more mistakes.

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