Nothing will motivate a man to move forward faster than knowing what's behind Him.

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2024 Election

If slow Joe don’t do anything for Blacks, the Democratic party will lose in 2024. Just like Obama did two terms running resulted in a lose in 2012 and ultimately in 2016. The 2020 election is an opportunity for redemption of the democratic party. Slow Joe could not have won without the Black vote and without it the democrats will lose in 2024 and its not looking to good for the 2022 midterm election. Blacks have been fighting hatred for hundreds of years and Joe signs a bill that protects asians. Well, Joe is setting the democratic party up for a fall. No matter who runs on the GOP ticket, they will win in 2024 if nothing is done for Black people in America.

Bought a camera for My Microscope

It’s a National model 131 series

Black Family with 8 Children and 1 on the way

This is America’s Greatest Fear

A History Of Killing Of Black People..Nationwide

What would it take for white people not to be trusted?

One of Many Examples that White People Love to Kill.

Small Rocks Viewed Under A Microscope

There Seems to be something organic growing out of the rock
This rock is about the size of my thumb nail

No Ying and no Yang, killing Black people is their thang.

Malcolm X, when he was Malcolm X went to Mecca.  When he returned, he was a changed man.  He even changed his name.  He didn’t feel the same about white people.   They killed him anyway.

MLK advocated love and peaceful protest.  In his last days he had a change in his philosophy.   They killed him also.  

White people don’t want Black people to complain about the mistreatment and slaughter of Black people.  White people don’t want Black people to march/protest the mistreatment and Muder of Black people.

Laws are passed and implemented to sanction the mistreatment and murder of Black people.

Laws are put into place to protect white people and their property.  Laws are not doing much to protect Black people.    Black lives matter only to Black people,  we must protect our lives.   When laws are put in place to in any way justify the killing of innocent, unarmed Black people, we must make it perfectly clear that we are not having it.   Be vigilant and protect yourself at all times.

Black Wall Street

White people love to kill, they are the only people on the planet who kill for sport.

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