Nothing will motivate a man to move forward faster than knowing what's behind Him.

1. In 1904, Mary McLeod Bethune opened Daytona Normal and Industrial School in Daytona Beach, Florida

2. In 1935, Ethiopia Invaded by Italy, Ethiopia, one of the only two independent African nations at the time, was invaded on this date by Facist Italy under Benito Mussolini. The Italians, seeking revenge for their prior humiliating loss to Ethiopia over 40 years earlier.

3. In 1956, Nat King Cole became the first African American to host his own TV show.  The show originally aired without a sponsor, but NBC agreed to pay for initial production costs; it was assumed that once the show actually aired and advertisers were able to see its sophistication, a national sponsor would emerge. None did; many national companies did not want to upset their customers in the South, who did not want to see a black man on TV shown in anything other than a subservient position. Although NBC agreed to continue footing the bill for the show until a sponsor could be found, star Nat ‘King’ Cole pulled the plug on it himself in its second season. In the 1956 season, the show had a 15-minute running time. It was expanded to a 30-minute segment in 1957. Said Cole of the doomed series, “Madison Avenue is afraid of the dark.”

4. In 1974, Frank Robinson was named manager of the Cleveland Indians and became the first Black manager in the major leagues.

5. In 1989, Art Shell became the first Black head coach of the modern National Football League era when named coach of LA Raiders

6. In 1995, The Day that Black Folks throughout the U.S. simultaneously exhaled as O.J. Simpson was found not guilty in a Rush to judgment case by the LAPD.  

7.  In 2018, CHinedu Okobi, 36, was tasered to death for jaywalking by Deputy Joshua Wang who deployed a Taser seven times during the incident in addition to using a baton and pepper spray, was found to have acted reasonably and lawfully in using force to effect an arrest for jaywalking.  The other deputies involved were John DeMartini, Alyssa Lorenzatti, Bryan Watt and Sgt. David Weidner.  

8.   In 2020, Jonathan Dwayne, Price, age 31, was at a convenience store in Wolf City Texas when he witnessed a scene of domestic violence.   A man who would help anyone, he stepped in to assist the woman and ended up in an altercation with her abuser. According to witnesses, things had calmed down when police arrived on the scene. Price, a Supporter of the police, attempted to shake the officer’s hand.  That’s when, Officer Shaun David Lucas, tasered him and then shot him, ending his life there in the parking lot.

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