Nothing will motivate a man to move forward faster than knowing what's behind Him.

1. In 1777,  Prince Hall petitioned the Massachusetts legislature for funds to return to Africa. The plan is the first recorded effort by African Americans to return to their homeland.

 2. In 1920,   Andrew “rube” Foster organizes the first black baseball league, the negro national league.

 3. In 1943, William L. Dawson took office and began his congressional career, Illinois.

4. In 1971, Dr. Melvin H. Evans inaugurated as the first elected governor of the Virgin Islands.

5. In 1985  Congressman William H. Gray was elected chairman of the House Budget Committee, the highest congressional post held by an African American.

6. In 1985,   Leontyne Price made her farewell appearance with the Metropolitan Opera singing the title role of Aida.

 7. In 1990,  Two months away from the 25th anniversary of the Civil Rights march on Selma, Alabama, 1,500 African American students boycotted classes to express concern over the dismissal of Norward Rousell, the city’s first African American superintendent.

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