Nothing will motivate a man to move forward faster than knowing what's behind Him.

Every since the New Deal (look it up) America has been moving toward being a socialist country. All the while disparaging other socialist countries. All we need now is a dictator. Hold up, wait, what? I’ll wait to see if there is going to be an election. That is a true litmus test as to whether America is a dictatorship or a true democracy. Then there are those countries who have rigged elections. And even as worse are those countries who implement voter suppression. Keeping citizens from voting negates the credibility of free elections. Only a fool could bolster about democracy and free elections and at the same time shaving votes by fraudulently disallowing legal and legitimate votes by its citizens.

We just had an election. The big one is coming up in November. We need to aim this country in a better direction. At this point, it’s almost every man for himself. We need to come together, beat this pandemic and take this country into the future with the strength of a United front. The eagle needs both wings to stay in flight. It’s only a few feathers that needs to be shed to facilitate smooth sailing. This election is a molting of bad feathers. So, lets shed them, clean them up and enjoy a bright future.

$johnnybmoore. What ever you can spare.

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