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Don’t You Go And Get Snatched Up.

Once, we were in the same boat. Together, we supported, pushed and encouraged each other. But then you wanted equality, (a thing that you already had in my heart). I gave you an Oar and we rowed together. Then you decided that we should get a motor. Eventually, you no longer wanted to buy gas and left it to me. After saving your gas money you gained power. With this new found power you became a strong independent woman and no longer wanted to be in the boat. You found out how cold the water is, and that there are sharks, crocodiles and alligators in the water ready to snatch your strong Independent Black ass up for your organs, now you want back in the boat. Well climb aboard, grab an oar and let’s row this boat together once again.


Wayback, Throwback

My Emergency Power Setup

Black Friday

I remember working at the Delk’s 5&10 store. It was located on main street in Mooresville, NC. I worked 5 days after school and all day Saturday. I remember pricing and shelving stock on Mondays and Tuesdays. Some of the stock was already priced by the time I got to work. I remember people coming in and buying the new merchandise on Wednesday and Thursday. But Friday was my favorite day. That’s when I got to see Black people coming in to shop. I don’t know why Friday was the only day that the majority of the Black folks shopped, but it may have something to do with how we were treated on weekdays other than Friday. The local newspaper would have sales advertisement that came out on Wednesday stating that the sale starts on Friday. Was this the reason? Or, was it because it was the only day that Blacks was not harassed and followed about as though they were going to steal something? Why, why was Friday so different? It was made uncomfortable for Blacks to shop on any weekday other than Friday, New stock came in on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. After it was picked over and, returns were made, it all coincided with the Friday Sale. So, when you go shopping this "Black Friday", remember how and why it all got started. Most companies depend on "Black Friday" to put their bottom line in the "BLACK". They depend you shopping on "Black Friday", then things get back to normal like "you know" the rest of the weekdays.

Famous African Americans Born August 26

  1.  1918, Katherine Coleman Johnson, an American mathematician whose calculations of  orbital mechanics as a  NASA employee were critical to the success of the first and subsequent U.S. crewed spaceflights.  

Moses West Making a Push For Clean Water.

Moses West Bringing Water To Hurricane Victims

Vandals Attempt To Destroy Black Veteran’s Water Machine

Shades Of Color Ebony Arts Fashion Show

The entire Video can not be uploaded to this sight.  I’m breaking them up in segments.

Freedom Fashions

Royal Trad

E’mit Cotour Designs

Chelsia Berry Designs

Yanique Designs

Circle Up Productions

Sheena’s Gallery

This Is Chocolate Diamond

 Ruth Esther’s designs

For more information about the shows Organizers, sponsors and contributors go to The Ebony Art Show

The is another site that you may find interesting Event Brite  

Here are a few photos of the Event



Great Finds

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