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The Future

There is nothing you can do to prepare you physically or mentally for what is to come.   Absolutely nothing.

On Men Being Head of Household and Controlling Women

Where are All The Good Men?

Only in modern civilization does the instance of a male being head of household arise.  Even in the animal kingdom the male plays no part in raising the offspring.   Now, even the hint of a single parent household is vilified…especially if it is headed by a female.   Indigenous populations through out the world has women raising children and head of households.

I think this is a way to give “Modern Man” a roll in modern civilization.   In doing so, we control women’s income, what they wear, how they should look, what is acceptable looks (beauty).

In our attempt to control women, we vilify any independent action that a woman takes that do not include a male’s input.    Such as, we actually want to control their right to decide if they want to have babies, as if we would know what is better for them.     Even gay men design and make the well sought after clothing that is worn by women today as well as do their hair styles and makeup.

We seek to control every aspect of a woman’s life.  We define what beauty is and expect them to live up to it.   All the while, charging more for their clothing and paying them around 30% less than what men make for the same job.

We control women and We will do everything in our power to continue to control them.


Well, men has no purpose other than procreation when it comes to women.  Everything else is a fabricated purpose.   There is nothing that men do today that women couldn’t do, and in some cases women do it better.   Men need women.  Women were created to be a companion for a man.    If women chose not to be a companion for man, he would revert back to his condition before women were created.   That is our (man’s)  ultimate fear.


Men couldn’t care less what a woman looks like.  She could be blind, crippled, crazy, bow legged, knock kneed, slufooted, slant faced, fat, stank and look like something from the crypt.  Men don’t care.   How else could you explain the brake up of relationships because of another women.  The other woman almost always is less attractive than the wife or girlfriend.   The beauty thing is all about control.

We need women.  A man can only say no to a woman so many times before he (and he will) give in.   Women has been the downfall of many men in power, started wars fought by men, broken up families, brought the burliest of men to his knees, the strongest of minds to say please, the most faithful of men to partake of your fruit.  She also has the ability to turn a frog into a prince, a bum into a mogul and yes, a boy into a man.

Remember Adam and Eve, how many times did she ask him to take a bite of the apple from the tree of knowledge before he gave in.   AND, who was it, at the request of Delilah revealed that cutting off his hair would render himself weak.

When Adam bit the apple, Eve smiled and Adam became aware of himself (yes he did).  A woman’s persistence turns a man’s freewill into the his desire to please her and when he pleases her,  he will “become aware of himself”.  Pleasing a woman gives him purpose.

So ladies, Please!!!   Stop putting chemicals in your hair, stop the fad diets, taking all the chemicals to lose weight, spending all that money for clothes and trying to make yourself something that you are not.  We’ll take you as your are, we have to.  Our existence depends on it, so don’t worry.    You gave birth to us, you don’t have to impress us, it’s in our interest and well being to impress you.

Deep down, I think women know that men can only say no so many times.   Our down fall, as in so many times in the past, it only takes one YES.  A man is not measured for the million times he said no, but for the one time he said yes.   That being said, a Female’s persistence enables her to have any man that she desire.

To Be Continued….

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