Nothing will motivate a man to move forward faster than knowing what's behind Him.

I was standing in my window watching the snow. When suddenly a lady comes by and takes out my mailbox. Her car went sideways and got stuck. I stood there in amazement for a moment as I watched her try to get unstuck. Well traffic began to back up and I decided to jump into action. I got my gloves and hat, went out the back door and grabbed a shovel. As I approached the stuck vehicle I said (You took out my mail box”. I was just looking for an apology. But to my surprise someone yelled out “It was already knocked over”. Amazing!! I proceeded to get her unstuck. Notice if you will, after I got her unstuck, no one, and I mean one offered to help put my mailbox back up. I came back in, rested up and warmed up. Later I went back out and put the mailbox back up.

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