Nothing will motivate a man to move forward faster than knowing what's behind Him.


Friday Oct. 26, 2018 My wife fell ill shortly after arriving at work at Lake Louise Elementary School to perform her duties as a Para-Educator.   An ambulance was called and one of the Teachers call me and I gave the Medic her information.  She was taken to St. Joes hospital in Tacoma where she later died.  Even though I gave the medic her information, she was listed in the ER as Jane Doe.   I went to the hospital and was told that I need to tell them who was to pick her up and I told them.   I talked to Mountain View Funeral home In Lakewood,  WA and told them that my wife had passed and was at St. Joes In Tacoma,  WA .  Later that evening (3pm)  I was contacted by Sight Life (206-682-8501)inquiring about her eyes for donation.  (The death certificate hadn’t been signed).   On Sunday October 28th We went to Mountain View Funeral home to make final arrangements.  We found out later that Nothing can really be done until someone signs off on the Death Certificate.  We were informed by St. Joes that ER doctors do not sign death certificates.  Meanwhile they are shoving contracts at us to sign.   Apparently there is a 72hr grace period before the death certificate has to be signed.  The grace period has come and gone.  We have been getting the runaround for four days and it looks like there is no resolution to this problem.  meanwhile She is laying at the funeral home awaiting her internment.  A grieving family should not have to go through this.   We are now wondering if there is more to this story.    CAN SOMEONE PLEASE HELP?


Johnny B. Moore


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