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This Is The Solution To A Traffic Problem

When one seeks to find a solution to a problem, he must insure that the solution does not contribute to the problem.

This is a proposal to replace a diamond shaped interchange at I-5 exit 123.  I think it is just an experiment at the cost of commuter’s frustration  and taxpayer’s dollars.

This is the most asinine solution to a traffic problem that I’ve ever seen.


Moments With Cathy



I love you Cathy

The Last Time I Saw My Wife

Like every morning, I saw her off to work.

Politically Correct, Or Perfectly Civil – The Seattle Medium

By Julianne Malveaux (Trice Edney Wire) – At this writing, Megyn Kelly is off the air at NBC. After her horridly vapid statement saying she didn’t see anything wrong with blackface, she apologized the next day and even invited journalist Roland Martin on to take her to school. Roland did a brilliant job in explaining […]

Source: Politically Correct, Or Perfectly Civil – The Seattle Medium

Cathy’s 40th Birthday


snow Ball Fight


Johnny and Cathy Making Liver Mush


Cathy On Yard Bug


She’s Gone

You never know the last goodbye, the last I love you or the last kiss.

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