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Why Mankind Hate Humans

Why Mankind Hate Humans

I understand why you hate black people. If I were unfortunate enough to be born white, I would hate black people also. I would be disgusted at a people who nature created. A people who’s existence is supported by nature. Who’s existence was facilitated from his evolution to his present existence. Furthermore, my hatred of black people would stem from my inferior genetic makeup. More precise and to the point, I would have recessive genes. BUT, I’m not white. I thank Nature I was born with hue. That is what makes a human. I was designed by nature with the dominate gene. Which brought forth original man.

Scientists discovered a genetic mutation that explains the first appearance of lighter skin in mutant humans tens of thousands of years ago, a finding that helps solve one of biology’s most enduring mysteries and illuminates one of humanity’s greatest sources of strife. You see, that means humans were here then the white skin came later through mutation.

The skin-whitening mutation occurred in a single individual, when all inhabitants on earth were Black. That person’s off-spring thrived as they moved northward into what is now Europe (Caucasus mountains), helping to give rise to mankind the lightest of the world’s races, sometimes referred to as Caucasians.

Mankind emerged out of caves as Neanderthals. (look it up) At first these primitives could only come out at night as the bright sunlight would burn their skin. They would go out on night raids killing and stealing giving meaning to the phrase “the boogie man comes out at night”. This went on for centuries. Eventually they mutated into individuals that could spend more and more time out during daylight. Even to this day, Caucasians has to limit their time in the sun or use a sun screen to combat the effects of the sun. When these mutants were able to stay out in daylight, like savages they journeyed throughout the planet invading other countries, attempting to create their own history by destroying the history of others such as claiming to have discovered fire and inventing the wheel. The Mutants, for centuries to come, moved throughout the globe committing genocide, raping, slaughtering, stealing, pilfering and claiming and patenting all human technology as their own. Even to this day, credit of inventions and contributions of humans is denied and credited to mankind. Ask yourself, what did Neil Armstrong mean when he said “One small step for a man, One Giant step for Mankind”. You want to colonize the moon.   But there are no inhabitants so mankind can’t commit  genocide, rape, slaughter, steal, pilfer and claim technology as their own.

When mankind stumbled upon the continent  of Africa, they observed the inhabitants and realized that they had the ability to figure things out.  From the youngest to the oldest they could figure out situations and find solutions that mankind would have to be trained to do.   After centuries of observation and several fatal attempts to colonize the Americas the catholic church suggested and supported the idea of taking Africans as slaves to the “new world”  to have sufficient labor and ingenuity  to civilize the new land, which was already occupied by indigenous people.  But you, mankind, thought it to be your right to  moved throughout the new world committing genocide, raping, slaughtering, stealing, pilfering and calling it your country because you want everyone to think you are a superior being.

Every generation your genetics are diminished. As you should have noticed, there has been extensive research in artificial insemination. Before, there were test tubes used to fertilize eggs. because as evidence shows, you eventually would not be able to. They were called test tube babies.

Further evidence of your demise is the creation of a drug that enable you to get and erection. There has been, for decades, research done for infertility and (impotence) erectile dysfunction.

You have contrived all sorts of tricks to make you appear superior. How ever, science and nature both contradicts all that you have denied and lied about.

Make no mistake, none of this has been done for humans. It is for mankind. Mankind’s existence is reliant on scientific experiments and drugs. Your hatred of humans is a result of your hatred for yourself. Why else would there be such a huge tanning industry. Tanning lotion, tanning beds, Tanning pills and laying out in the sun. To get What I have Naturally. Eventually your tan will peel off and mine, being natural, will stay, it’s not going anywhere. You have Lip Injections, Hip and breast implants, why do you think that is?

Bottom line, Your breed has been selected by nature to become extinct. Ask any Scientist, “who is the race that is dying out”.  You can research for yourself. Your numbers may well be all but extinct by the year 2050, and don’t take my word for it. Do your own research, you will find the information psychologically depressing. You may even consider shooting up a school, mall or black church.

That’s why you claim mental illness when committing these crimes, because you find out the truth and you can’t handle it.

Humans were discriminated against because mankind knew that mankind could not compete. Anything Humans did mankind vilified until mankind were able to do it. Dancing was one of the activities that Humans performed naturally and mankind vilified in every genre. ‘60’s and 70’s garnered the R&B and Disco age. mankind couldn’t relate to the music and mankind definitely could not dance. You see, You have to have rhythm in order to dance to R&B. Mankind do not have rhythm. That is something mankind have to be trained to perform in rhythm. That’s why mankind is so adamant about being classically trained.

Like an animal mankind has to be trained to do what I can do naturally. Once you could get a little rhythm you opened aerobics gyms sweating to the oldies. It was nothing more than you doing your best to dance to the beat, yes disco. You even have a thing called aerobics class, like you invented it. A typical mankind practice of vilifying something renaming it and calling it your own invention. You will criticize everything a human will do, with hopes that he will thrive to be more like you. But, unlike mankind, Humans evolve, they don’t devolve as one does with recessive genes.

Your body is shutting down as Nature has chosen you to become extinct. Your reproductive system is slowly becoming useless. Breast cancer takes away your ability to feed your newborn and give it the needed antibodies to boost it’s immune system. With ovarian cancer you will no longer be able to get pregnant. Erectile dysfunction and impotence, you can’t even fertilized the egg if your woman had what it took to bring a child to full term. You are now Experimenting with Penile transplants for mankind males and uterus transplants for mankind females. That’s why you are so excited and celebratory when it is discovered that one of your females are pregnant.

Your kidneys are shutting down. Your bladder is loosing it’s ability to retain water causing you to wear adult diapers. Depends wasn’t created for humans, neither was Viagra, sun tan lotion and many, many other necessities that are needed to maintain some sort of existence for mankind.

That’s why you are murdering young Black men, women and children. You need their internal organs for your existence. This is how you are doing it.

You passed laws implementing DNA gathering at birth and with any arrest (no convictions necessary). Then you passed a law that mandated an autopsy for victims of gun shots.

That set the stage for you to hunt young Black men, women and children down like animals and kill as your demand for internal organs are needed. You are targeting young Black men, women and children for their internal organs by collecting DNA data and then collecting them as needed, using cops, like slave hunters.

Eventually you will be giving birth to sterile off spring, which will eventually lead to your demise. Nature is a bitch isn’t She? Well, No She is not.

When you realize that you have been lied to, you will explore every avenue to destroy yourself and people around you. You will even murder and eat young Black men, as Jeffery Dahmer did, with hopes that in some way you will get the DNA that will make your genes dominant.

When the truth really sink in….you will kill your wife.   You will commit suicide.  You will kill your entire family then yourself.  You will shoot up malls, concerts,  sports events, churches,  and any other gathering that you will see as an opportunity to carry out your evil deeds.   You will then claim insanity, and being judged by your peers, will whole heartedly agree with you.

Mankind’s crimes against humanity throughout the planet are astronomical.


You have the audacity to demonize the entire human race without a clue as to who you are.

So, do your research on who you are and why you do the things you do.

Remember and know this, when you kill us, it stimulates our reproductive system as with any breed that nature had chosen as a viable breed.


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