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Left Lane Campers

Left Lane Campers


Yeah, that’s a good idea. crowd up the right lane so that merging traffic will be backed up trying to get on the freeway. 4 and 5 lanes going in the same direction and you can only use the left lane to pass, I don’t think so.  That will not help the flow of traffic.  It seems as though the politicians do their best to create a problem in order to raise and create taxes to solve it.

Why not try this…..

Right lane for getting on and off the freeway. This would alleviate the congestion getting on the freeway and will not cause lane changes when off ramps are backed up. Also, you will not have to worry about getting over or slowing down when someone has been pulled over. I see this all the time at south bound I-5 at highway 512 interchange. cars are stuck in the right lane trying to get to the second lane because the off ramp is backed up 100 yards on the freeway.

Second lane for through traffic. Cruising along in the second lane not effected by traffic getting on or off the freeway. If you know you will be getting off on the next exit then change to the Right lane. Riding the right lane hampers the flow of traffic getting onto the freeway.

Third lane for passing. When you pull up behind me, you can use this lane to get a ticket, because you will be speeding

Fourth or far left land for HOVs. Use this lane when (presently 2+ may even go up) you have more than one person in the vehicle.

It’s not rocket science.

This is what I do when I have to use the freeway. It works.

These suggestions may not apply in a construction zone or the scene of an accident, for those of you who are wondering.

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