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Black Page December 31, 2017

Who is really benefiting from Government programs.

So Jeb Bush wants to talk about "free stuff" for African Americans but doesn’t want to tell you that White people get 69% of Government Benefits, i.e. Welfare.
If you pay any attention to right wing media, then you know that folks on the right are obsessed with unraveling the safety net, mostly food stamps because they believe that the safety net benefits mostly African Americans and Hispanic People. As usual, people like FOX News don’t want to tell you the truth. White people make of 42% of the poor, but take up a whopping 69% of Government Benefits.

Prince William suggest killing Black People in Africa

A better effort and a show of good faith would be for all Europeans to leave the continent of Africa. That would be a good start. If those Europeans start to over populate England, then we can talk about depopulation of Europe. That would be a quick and easy fix.

Screen-Shot-2017-11-05-at-1.13.38-PM.png Prince William argues for urgent depopulation efforts in …
Prince William recently warned that the population growth in Africa is putting a tremendous amount of pressure on the natural world and driving many species of …

Black Page December 30, 2017

Black Chemist Says They’re Putting Chemicals In the Food

gayfood.jpg?fit=600%2C315&ssl=1 Black Chemist Says They’re Putting Chemicals In the Food …
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Carol Simpson Reveals Racist, Sexis Slurs

Former Anchor Carole Simpson Reveals Racist, Sexist Slurs …
Race has always loomed large for the scrappy South Side native [Carole Simpson, who was the first black woman in NBC’s DC bureau and later became an ABC …

Donald Trump Win Because White America Is Dying

56cf86cd1e00002100702d10.jpeg?ops=1910_1000 Donald Trump Is Winning Because White America Is Dying …
Noam Chomsky, the renowned scholar and MIT professor emeritus, says that the rise of Donald Trump in American politics is, in part, fueled by deeply rooted …

This Is Why We Are In Aphganistan

th?id=OVP.q1tUoNAoHUYg37eAfl8fRQJYFR&pid=Api Drug addiction rampant on Kabul streets
Afghanistan has seen a dramatic surge in the production of opium this year, according to a new United Nations report.

Black Page December 29 2017


Black Page December 28, 2017

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