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Allegations against cosby

Am I the only one that remember what Mr. Cosby said about trump in 2011 before the 2012 election? Cosby crushed trump like a little roach and made it clear that he was not going to support him. When you have lots of money you can pay lots of people to say anything you want them to say.

It seems to me he could have come up with something more believable than sex and drugs. But then you have to consider the source. A lot of money and now he is attempting to buy his way to the Whitehouse insuring that Mr Cosby will not be the thorn in his side this time. If this is the type of political strategy he’s using to get into office, what the hell do you think he’s gonna do if he get into office?

He shouldn’t be allowed to be dog catcher in a one house town. He will spend his money to pay people to tell his lies and destroy someone’s reputation. Rest assured, he will do the same to anyone that stands in his way, including presidential candidates.

He was leading in the poles for a while. No doubt the other candidates didn’t want to be trumped like Mr. Cosby so they just tiptoed around trump least he release his vile revenge.

Watch this election closely. Notice how the other candidates respond and react to trump. You will see them drop out one by one for no apparent reason or flimsy at best. Carson is currently leading in the poles. It’s going to be interesting to see what “surprising” turn of events will result in his demise.

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