Nothing will motivate a man to move forward faster than knowing what's behind Him.

She said she was Black

She was born blonde headed and blue eyed. Just as white as you can be. Her parents on the other hand didn’t chose to have other blue eyed children but to adopt a couple of black children. NOW! I ask this question “if your parents adopt children are nothing like you, would you try to be like what your parents seems to prefer”? Be mindful that this is a pre-teen or tween and is impressionable and most kids want to please their parents. Now, get this, she had a falling out with her parents. She wanted to be what her parents wanted, and she was still rejected by them. Most young kids would resort to be a crackhead or in her case a methhead. Sad thing is she lied to please her parents and got called on it by some one trying to make a name for himself. She has to answer for her lie unlike a politician. Well, I see and opportunity for a playboy spread. One white and one black. I just hope she is still female.

A message from Johnny

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