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The American Flag

The U.S. flag as we know it today with 50 stars has only been in effect since height of the civil rights movement in the early 60’s. August 21, 1959 Hawaii, Statehood granted and was the 50th state hense the 50 stars. It was years later in the 60’s that it was officially adopted by the U.S. don’t take my word for it look it up yourself

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Your credit score

This iz the legal way to individually raise your interest rates. What this really mean is that based on your credit, your money do not have the same value as the next guy. In other words your credit is like the stockmarket. When it goes up or down it determines the value of you dollar. Think about this when you consider buying a car or house.

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Lakewood, Wa

It’s high class all the way in woodbrook a suburb of Lakewood, wa. They are constantly leaving little reminders of how sophisticated they are. It even has it own homeless encampment. I talked to one of the occupants and he told me he wasn’t homeless, he was just camping out. I’ve only camped out for a few days, week top, not for months. There have been cops to visit so “they are known to Lakewood PD. Guess its just like any other neighborhood, homeless, prostitutes anthe worst of them all, inconsiderate dogwalkers.

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She said she was Black

She was born blonde headed and blue eyed. Just as white as you can be. Her parents on the other hand didn’t chose to have other blue eyed children but to adopt a couple of black children. NOW! I ask this question “if your parents adopt children are nothing like you, would you try to be like what your parents seems to prefer”? Be mindful that this is a pre-teen or tween and is impressionable and most kids want to please their parents. Now, get this, she had a falling out with her parents. She wanted to be what her parents wanted, and she was still rejected by them. Most young kids would resort to be a crackhead or in her case a methhead. Sad thing is she lied to please her parents and got called on it by some one trying to make a name for himself. She has to answer for her lie unlike a politician. Well, I see and opportunity for a playboy spread. One white and one black. I just hope she is still female.

A message from Johnny

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