Nothing will motivate a man to move forward faster than knowing what's behind Him.

Just had a refridgerator to get rid of. Offered it up as a project to hatch eggs but no takers. The former owners left it an other junk we are burdened to dispose of. In doing so, I was informed that the utility company was paying (a small amount) for them. I called and was informed that they have subcontractors to pick them up. She studdered a bit and said it will cost me nothing and it will be picked ip for free. What didn’t smell right was that the female on the phone gave me the number of the subcontractor. What would been more fitting would be first of all, not to studder, Secondly with my experience my information would be taken and the Subcontractor would be sent out. This was more like a referral.

A mesage from Good Goods

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