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Just Bought and Returned A Windows 8 HP Laptop

The Windows computer I bought from Wal-Mart for 229.99 has windows 8 installed.  what’s peculiar is the fact that you have to have an account with Microsoft to activate Windows 8, another strange thing is that it didn’t have a button to open the drive.  I went on-line to see if I was imagining things, but nope, it’s true, no button.   Some one claimed that it was a microscopic button and you couldn’t hardly see it. My  question is…why so small?   Anyway,  Just wanted an updated computer to monitor my surveillance system,  do some movie and picture editing and access to my Network storage drives.   Hardly anything that needed the internet or required an account with the MS mogul.    Sure I have internet, I have other computers that access the internet.   If I can’t buy a computer without having an account with Microsoft, guess I’ll see what other companies has to offer.  

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