Nothing will motivate a man to move forward faster than knowing what's behind Him.

You’re Gonna Die

People need to get a grip.   Death is ironically part of the cycle of life. Whether it’s by accident,  due to the actions of others or  by your own stupidity, you are going to leave this state of being.  There is no government program that can prevent it.  There is no action you can take to prevent it.  You are not going to last forever.    We all are going to die, the ones we leave behind will live on until it they die.    You will never hear on the news “No body died yesterday”.    Come to terms with it, do what you will so that those you leave  behind will remember you until they die.   Crying, grief, dismay and sadness all may be necessary when you lose someone, just remember, it will be you someday.   So when you lose someone,  bury them and move on.

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