Nothing will motivate a man to move forward faster than knowing what's behind Him.

We were just two friends growing up together, discovering life and all of its joys and disappointments.   When we met the girls with the same outlook and ambitions, we never imagined that 5 years would pass and all four of us were still looking with no prospects in sight, or so we thought.     One would go on a date and it was apparent that it didn’t go well.   We would often go roller skating, bowling or to a movie as a foursome.   It was always fun and ended very well.  There were no expectations, which probably led to no disappointments.   For some reason, we thought that because we knew each other so well, there would be no way that there would be a marriage within this little group. 

The girls talked intimately about their dates and we talked about our dates, the good the bad and the ugly.    Never did we ever imagined that we would ever marry someone that we shared so much with.   You would expect that you would loose respect for them and could not fall in love with them.   Love is a strange animal.    It will sneak up behind you and pounce and you will be defenseless and at it’s mercy.   

It had gotten old hearing about another’s outings so that discussion after a date had diminished over about a year.    The realization of this came about when one of the girls announced that she was pregnant.  Me and my partner was going to make sure he was going to do right by her.   Well, it wasn’t that simple.  It was then that we realized that neither one of us had any sex outside of the group for over a year.   We suddenly realized that one of us was the father.  We were all reflecting on the booty calls and which one was the booty call that did it.   Was it her that called one of us or was it one of us that called her.    Was it one of the times we were in the Jacuzzi?  Was it one of the holiday celebrations?   Was it a birthday celebration?   We will be scratching our heads for some time to come.   Not to mention the fact that we still don’t know which one of us is the father.  

We decided without reservation that the child would have two fathers and two mothers.   However, the subject of marriage did come up.   We never thought of marriage within the group.   when in discussion, there was always a rejection on what a marriage should be, the ideals of what a marriage is and what roll a husband and wife played in a marriage.  So, marrying one of these women was totally out of the question.  Until now.   Do we get a test to see who is the father, and let that be the deciding factor  or do we draw straws?  Either way someone is going to get what’s leftover.    A default marriage if you will.  

The subject of marriage brought up a lot of questions.   Who’s gonna marry who?  How will the dynamic change?   Will the couples become exclusive to each other or will it stay the same?    Will privacy between the couples become an issue?   What is it going to be like marrying someone who has/had casual sex with someone you are still friends with.    What is it going to be like just being friends with your former casual sex partner of which your best friend is now married to? 

One thing for sure these will not be conventional  relationships on any level.  

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