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Shopping at Lowes Home Improvement Center

Take your chances and check your prices

Thursday evening I decided I would clean up some old wood in preparation for fall cleaning.  I Loaded up the trailer with the intention of taking it to land recovery.  After unloading it and paying the clerk we proceeded to Lowes.  I thought I pick up some lumber and a few cinder blocks to build a shed for my garden tools.   The lawn mower had to be jumped the last few times I used it so I’m going to pick up a battery.  I check online and found the battery for my little Yard Bug.  We entered Lowes into the lumber section.  I walked all the way down to the lawn and garden area to pick up the battery.   Lucky I bought the old battery because the core charge is 5.00.    I proceeded to pick up the concrete blocks hmmmm 1.29 ea.   great deal.    I picked up six of them.    I then went over to lumber to pick up 10 2X4X8s.   There were  none within reach so we had to wait for 25 minutes for someone to come off break to operate the forklift.    After loading 10 of them on the cart with the blocks and battery, I then proceeded to the checkout.   There I was informed that Lowes only accepts core charges for batteries from Lowes.  I kindly told the clerk that he could take the battery off the cart.   The clerk counted the 2X4’s 3 times before I had to finally tell him there were 10 of them.   Now for the 1.29 cinder blocks, they all of a sudden morphed into 1.37 ea.   I told the clerk that it wasn’t the right price, he rang them up at 1.37 ea. anyway.   After I paid the clerk, I went back and got the display tab and took it back  to show the clerk.  He looked it up in the book and there it was, 1.29 ea.  He kindly informed me that I could get my refund at the service desk.  

Ok, what have we here?   Lowes will not accept my battery as core charge.   I had to wait 25 minutes to get some 2x4s.  I was over charged for cinder blocks after telling the clerk that the price wasn’t right.   After all was said and done I didn’t even get an apology.

Another thing that I picked up on was, they usually expect a customer to buy the battery and return later with the core.  Which in this case, they would not honor the core refund because it is not a Lowes battery.   Nowhere is it stated that they only accept batteries as cores that were bought from Lowes. 

It was a long walk to the customer service and along the way I found a solution.   I’ll just get a total refund and furthermore discontinue shopping at Lowes.

This is not an advocation to boycott Lowes.  Where you shop is your business.  But please, where ever you shop, check the prices.  Sometimes there are mistakes and sometimes it could be misleading.  In any case, you should know what the price is before you get the checkout.   Demand courtesy and professionalism. 

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