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Occupying Wall Street?

Sometimes I think these modern day activist are nothing more than a preemption by big businesses to head off any real protest.   I find it curious that there is no real purpose.   And, even more curious is that people from several cities from around the country have “spontaneously” poured out to parks and city halls to demonstrate and “Occupy Wall Street” each with no defining purpose.  

If the “Occupiers” were really serious about their cause, they would hit them in their pockets by not do business with any company that’s on wall street. If they are upset with the bank bailouts, they should not do business with any bank that was bailed out. If they don’t like the auto bail out, they should do any auto business that was bailed out. Any business that was bailed out, don’t do business with them.  

If you really wanted to take out wall street, you would do it like filling a bucket with water, on drop at a time.  

The bail outs were implemented because in part, certain businesses were to big to fail.  So, get to the root of the problem, don’t do business with large conglomerates and their subsidiaries.   Don’t allow them to get “to big to fail”.  When two companies merge or one company buy out another, make it a point not to do business with that company. 

Case in point….when ma-bell broke up into little baby bells there was healthy competition and competitive prices, not to mention the innovation that has came about since the brake up.

If you don’t agree with businesses that get corporate tax breaks, don’t do business with those companies.

If the argument is that tax breaks create jobs, you should ask yourself “Where are the jobs?” that these tax breaks created and why is the unemployment rate hovering around 9%?

It would seem that silent boycotts would be the antidote of choice for “to big to fail” companies.   In the age of emails, cell phones and texts it would be easier to mount a campaign to bring any company to it’s knees or even destroying it without  “occupying wall street”.

I have to wonder if “Wall Street” is not behind this “occupy wall street” campaign.  If you lead a campaign, you can determine where it goes, or even if it goes anywhere at all. 

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  1. Nope, the protests are spreading like wildfire around the country. The problem is, our government doesn’t represent the majority any more; it’s represents big business. Gone is the American dream, and these protesters are trying to restore it.

    • Yeah, like wild fire. The only wildfire I’ve seen only destroy. Wall street is not the government. If government is the problem, then protest the government. The citizens has the power to bring big business to it’s knees. Americans has been dreaming long enough, it’s now time to wake up.

      • Yeah, wake up to the fact that conservative policies destroyed the American dream. You’re right that it’s not Wall Street’s fault, but protesting the government doesn’t work. The money keeps flowing. You have to go where the money starts, and that is Wall St.

  2. Government is not the problem. You say protesting the government doesn’t work, well the fact that I have the right to vote proves you WRONG! on that issue. Don’t worry about where the money starts, because it starts with those protestors. They are the ones with the money. If they use their buying power as their voice, wall street wouldn’t be as issue. They complain about big business getting tax breaks and every voting cycle the very same ones have an opportunity to give themselves a tax break. But instead they vote to continue a tax on themselves that is due to come to and end. Not realizing that if they vote no, their taxes will be reduced. But they vote yes just because they are told that their taxes will not increase.

    You would think that there would be someone in that group with enough knowledge and forethought to come up with a plan. Not just sit around with signs with the latest popular catch phrases and one liners.

    • Government IS the problem. The government we have now isn’t a republic. What we have is corporatism. There is not going to be a “plan” other than to put power back in the hands of the people and we can only do that by getting the big money out of it.

  3. Yeah, blaming the government, how is that working out for you?

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